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Trat Province, Thailand, Various bays, Beaches and Islands

Koh Chang Naval Battle Site The Trat waters near Ao Salak Phet and Ao Salak Khok also added another page in the Thai history of fighting for the country’s sovereignty. 17 January has become a memorial day for the heroic fighting, of which a service is held annually at Koh Chang Naval Battle Memorial in Amphoe Laem Ngop.


Koh Ngam was the first point of confrontation in the Franco–Siamese War in which the French army sent aircraft on a reconnaissance and bombing of the island, whereas Koh Wai is the point where French patrol aircraft crashed after being fired by HTMS Songkhla and HTMS Chon Buri.


Koh Mai Si is a small private island where there is beautiful nature, sandy beaches and clear water –home to diversified marine life and ideal for diving. Various plant species grow wild on the island, which used to be a confrontation site between the Lamotte Piquet and HTMS Thon Buri that was in commission at Koh Lim.


Ao Khlong Son  A bay in the northernmost west of the island where Ban Khlong Son Community is located, with a beautiful coral reef.


Namtok Khlong Nonsi A small waterfall to the northeast of the island accessible by a 3-km. pathway from Ban Dan Mai or about four km. from the national park’s headquarters.


Namtok Than Mayom  a medium 4-tiered waterfall located some 500 metres through a garden behind the national park’s headquarters, with the 3rd tier being the most beautiful.


Namtok Khlong Phlu A large and most breathtaking waterfall on Koh Chang with water cascading down three tiers of the cliff to a basin, with an entrance located three km. from Ao Khlong Phrao.


Hat Sai Yao  located near Ao Salak Phet to the south of the island with a long stretch of sandy beach.


Monkey Training Centre  located at Hat Sai Khao, the centre provides training as well as shows of monkey’s abilities, especially in collecting coconuts.

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