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Trat Province, Thailand, Interesting villages, bays and beaches to see

Ban Salak Phet a large and the oldest community on Koh Chang located in the southern part. The villagers’ main occupation is coastal fishery in an advantageous area sheltered from winds and storms by islands and mountains. There is an old temple in front of the village known as Wat Salak Phet.


Namtok Khiri Phet a single-storey waterfall located three km. from Ban Salak Phet Community through a rubber plantation.


Namtok Khlong Nueng a small waterfall near Namtok Khiri Phet – Ban Rong Than, located some two km. deeper inside the island from the Salak Phet Community with another 480-metre walk. The waterfall cascades down from a narrow gorge for 120 metres.


Bang Bao Fishery Village a village of houses on stilts built into the sea with bridges connecting them together. Most of the villagers are descendants of the Salak Phet villagers. The area is an ideal berthing area for fishing boats, with mountains and islands providing a good shelter from wind and storms in the monsoon season.


Ban Rong Than  a small community located near Salak Phet in the southern part of the island. It is a scenic viewpoint where the mist-covered peak of Khao Salak Phet in the north and Koh Maphrao Nai and mountains near Laem Yai in the east are visible.


Ao Bai Lan  located next to Hat Kai Bae.


Hat Kai Bae a sloping and long stretch of beach connecting with Hat Khlong Phrao.


Koh Chang Noi and Laem Chang Noi  located in the north of Koh Chang and housing coral reefs between Laem Chang Noi and Koh Chang Noi.


Koh Man Nok , Koh Man Nai  small islands opposite Hat Kai Bae with surrounding beaches at low tides and golden seaweeds in the nearby shallows.


Koh Khlum  an island ideal for fishing with a peculiar scenery of rocky areas.



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