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Koh Pui an islet not too far from the shore that makes an ideal attraction for relaxation in shady surroundings. It is conveniently accessible in all seasons and home to coconut groves, herbs and Dinso Phong (white clay body-powder) mentioned at the time of King Rama V’s visit to Trat.

Ao Tan Khu  is a bay with fine sandy beach popular with local people during holidays.

Mu Koh Chang National Park with an area of 650 square kilometres, covers more than 52 islands. The most famous is Koh Chang. In addition, there are other islands with remaining wonderful nature.

Mu Koh Rang  a group of islets located about six km. to the west of Koh Mak. There is not sufficient plains area for human habitation on Koh Rang, which is surrounded by islands of various sizes.

Trat province at the eastern most frontier bordering on Cambodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range forming a natural demarcation, Trat is a resort town with over 50 large and small off-shore islands, long white sandy beaches and unspoiled coral ranges. It is also a major fruit-growing and fishing area. About 315 kilometres from Bangkok and covering an area of 2,819 square kilometres. Trat is the only province of Thailand that shares a land border with only one other Thai province (Chanthaburi).

Local Products

Ruby Trat has been renowned for its precious red gemstone known as ‘Siamese Ruby’. However, as gemstones in the province began to reduce, the Siamese ruby is now becoming rare.

Ngop Nam Chiao  a folk-style hand-made palm leaf hat identified with the Nam Chiao community. The hat is made into a distinct shape looking like an overturned frying pan or soldier’s hat in former times.

Rakam Wan  a sweet variety of zalacca which is the most famous fruits out of the province’s vast array of fruit produce.

Trat Si Thong Pineapple a sweet and crispy variety of Trat’s juicy pineapple with yellowish skin. Seafood Products dried fish and shrimp  paste, processed food.

Namman Lueang (Yellow Oil) herbal rubbing oil produced out of folk wisdom since ancient times. The aromatic vaporizing oil helps to relieve muscular pain, stiffness, dizziness, congested nose and cold.

Thai Ridgeback Dog  distinctive by its ridged back, smartness and honesty.

Trat Province, Thailand, Islands and Local Products to look out for

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