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Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai are Koh Samui’s most beautiful and most popular beaches. Both have a huge selection of accommodations suitable for every budget. Please note that room rates increase during the high season, from December to July, when Samui sparkles. The nightlife of each beach is different: Hat Chaweng is better for couples, women and families, while single men are drawn to the beer bar culture of Hat Lamai. These resorts, as well as Na Thon (Samui’s main town), have communications, exchange and car/motorcycle hire facilities. Other beaches include Hat Choeng Mon, Hat Mae Nam in the north and Hat Na Thon, the island’s major seafront settlement where shops, restaurants and tour agencies are concentrated.

Apart from its many lovely beaches and tranquil bays, Koh Samui is also noted for its high quality coconuts that grow densely everywhere. The best time to visit Koh Samui is from February to April when the sea is calm. The Southern dialect and the standard Thai language are spoken while English is widely understood in tourist areas.


Getting to Koh Samui

By Air

Bangkok Airways fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui 13 times daily. The flight takes about one hour and ten minutes. It also offers daily flights between Phuket and Samui. For more information, call its Bangkok office, 0 2229 3456    0 2229 3456 0 2229 3434    0 2229 3434   Samui office, 0 7742 2512 - 9   0 7742 2512 - 9   or  Samui Airport Office 0 7724 5601-8

0 7724 5601-8   

By Bus

Air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal for Surat Thani several times daily. The trip takes about 11 hours. For further information, call 0 2435 1199   0 2435 1199    0 2435 1200    0 2435 1200

(air-con), 0 2434 5557 - 8    0 2434 5557 - 8   ( non-air-con ).


By Car

From Bangkok, take Highway 4 (Buddha Monthon Road) through Phetchaburi and Chumphon Provinces and then drive on to Highways 41 and 401 to Surat Thani Province. From Surat Thani, visitors can take their cars to Koh Samui through a vehicle ferry at Donsak Pier. The trip takes 1.30 hours.


By Rail

Several trains leave Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Station for Surat Thani daily. The trip takes about 12 hours. Train / bus / ferry combination tickets are also available. For more information, call Hua Lamphong Railway Station, 0 2223 7010        

0 2223 7010   0 2223 7020   0 2223 7020     

Getting to Koh Samui

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