Ang Thong Province Page 5, A selection of Wat’s around the Province
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Wat Mathurotsatiyaram  Is located on the Asian Highway (Highway No. 32).  From Asian Highway, when passing the intersection to Ang Thong province for about 500 meters to Nakhon Sawan province, turn right into PTT gas station for about 30 meters.  This temple is formerly called Wat Kuti locating on the bank of the Prakamthong River, an ancient river currently called the Chao Phraya River.  This temple was assumed to have been constructed in the late Ayutthaya period. The only evidence remains are crystal wall, ubosot, Chedi, and wihan standing on the appropriate positions with magnificent figures.  The 4 x 8 meters ubosot is built in the Chinese junk figure using brick and plaster, and the 6-meter roof is covered with fire-clay tiles.  Luxurious arts of the ubosot are the carved angel pressing his hands together on top of lotus motifs in the centre of front and back gables.

Wat Sa Kaeo Is located in Tambon Bang Sadet about 200 meters away from Wat Tha Sutthawat along the irrigation canal road. If travel from Ayutthaya using Ayutthaya Ang Thong route (Highway No. 309) Km 39-40, entrance to the temple will be on the left side.  This temple was constructed in 1699 when it was originally named Wat Sakae.  This temple has become the orphans care centre with many children under supervision. Therefore, Wat Sa Kaeo Orphanage Li Gay troupe has been established for earning income to cover the expenses in bringing up themselves, which in turn makes this temple become well known.  Inside Wat Sa Kaeo, there is Samakkhisamakhan building, which is a centre for hand woven fabrics project under Her Majesty the Queens initiation established in 1981, currently under the supervision of Cottage Industry Section, Ministry of Industry.  Also, there are good-quality woven clothes e.g., sarong, bathing cloth, etc.  In front of the temple is the location of Amphoe Pa Mok Cultural Centre, providing demonstration of weaving, silverware and court doll production, and agriculture produce from housewives e.g., banana.  This represents the dissemination of Amphoe Pa Mok workmanship skills to be known and sold to the public.  Both attractions are open daily from 8 am. 4 pm.  For more information, please contact Wat Sa Kaeo at Tel. 0 3566 1169,0 3566 1273 or Wat Sa Kaeo School at Tel. 0 3566 1950-1 or email :

Wat Ang Thong Worawihan  Is located on the east bank of the river.  This is the third-class

Royal monastery opposite  Ang Thong  City  Hall.  Originally, there were two small temples

located next to each other called Wat Pho Ngoen and Wat Pho Thong constructed in the

reign of King Rama IV.  Later in 1900, King Rama V had these two temples combined into one

and graciously named it Wat Ang Thong.  This temple is famous for its beautiful ubosot and

Bell - shaped  Chedi  decorated with  gold mirror. Groups of  neatly lying Thai monks

compartments are made of teak exhibiting the arts in early Rattanakosin period.

Ang Thong Province, A selection of Wat’s around the Province

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