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Ang Thong Province Page 14, Wat Thanon, Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Centre, Wat Saket

Wat Phinitthammasan Is located on the east bank of Chao Phraya River in Tambon Bang Plakot on the route of Ang Thong - Pa Mok - Ayutthaya Km 15.  Its former name was Wat Krasop.  Main attractions are the old Wihan constructed in the late Ayutthaya period and the large seated Buddha image made of plaster in the posture of subduing Mara built in the first Chiang Saen batch with the lap width of about 12 meters, enshrined in the open.


Somchit Roengpho Mixed Orchards located at Mu 2, Tambon Khlongwua, Amphoe Mueang, taking Wat Channimit entrance for about three kilometres. This orchard was accredited with Mixed Orchard and 2001 International Feminine Farmer Awards.  Khun Somchit grows mixed fruits on the land of 13 rai (5.2 acres) and rice fields on the land of ten rai. (4 acres) She emphasizes on growing several mango seeds e.g., Setthi, Thawai, Choke-Anan, Nam Dok Mai Mon, and pamelo and Citrus nobilis.To visit the orchard, contact Khun Somchit for more details at Tel. 0 1818 1450

0 1818 1450      


Thai-Style House Models, Thai-Style House Prefabricated Parts, Toddy Palm Furniture. Follow Ayutthaya, Pa Mok, and Tambon Phosa route, this is a centre producing Thai-style house prefabricated parts of all types by sophisticated handicraft inherited from the ancestors to remain Thai-style uniqueness.  Besides, there are Thai-style house models and furniture made of several types of Toddy palm trees available for pale.


City Pillar Shrine is opposite to Ang Thong city hall. The height of the shrine is 1.5 meters.  This is the second city pillar shrine having mural paintings on the four interior walls. (The first city pillar shrine with mural paintings is City Pillar Shrine in Bangkok.) Ang Thong City Pillar Shrine is an exquisitely sacred place appropriate as a focus of victory and peoples heart. Do not miss to pay homage to this city pillar shrine when visiting this province.


Phanthai Norasing Monument  Is located in Wat Norasing, Mu 2, Ban Taphun, Tambon Norasing, taking Highway No. 3501 (Ang Thong Pa Mok Ayutthaya route) Km 9-10.  This monument was built in 1988 to commemorate the steersman of Ekkachai royal barge in the reign of King Phrachao Suea.  The steersman confirmed to receive an execution for not able to control the barge well enough and let it bump into branches and broke the royal barge front.  He believed this would prevent the next generation from doing the same mistake.  Hence, his decision has been appraised until now.


Wat Suwansewariyaram  Is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River in Tambon Taladkruat.  Take the Asian Highway (Highway No. 32) Km 103-104 or three kilometres from Ang Thong City Hall along the irrigation canal road.The Wihan houses about 20 meters in length of a reclining Buddha image.  Other ancient relics are about 100 years old.



Ang Thong more places to see here

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