Ang Thong Province Page 15, Festivals around Ang Thong Province and Local Products
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Festivals around Ang Thong Province

Ngan Mueang U - Khao, U- Nam (City of Rice and Water Bowl Fair) and Annual Red Cross Fair is the annual fair of the Ang Thong people held after harvesting period in late December and the beginning of January every year. There are interesting activities like cultural shows, exhibitions, local handicraft sales, displays and demonstrations, stalls, the Mueang U-Khao U-Nam beauty contest, agricultural product contest, farmers’ sports competition and various other kinds of entertainment. The fair is held in front of Ang Thong City Hall.

The Long Boat Race Festival at Wat Pa Mok is held within Wat Pa Mok Worawihan compound, Amphoe Pa Mok. The festival is held in 2 periods. The Prints celebration is held in March, while the traditional long boat race festival and the country’s renowned long boat competition is held in October.

Paying Homage to Luangpho Wat Chaiyo: In this event, the worship and commemoration of Somdet Phra Phutthachan (To Phromrangsi) and Phra Maha Phutthapim is held in May and November of every year.

Loy Krathong at Wat Siro: Every year there will be firework to celebrate Luangpho Pa Lelai. It is the sacred ceremony of the Ang Thong people and it is held on the same day as Loy Krathong day.

The God Kuan-U Invitation and Dragon Parade Procession is held in December every year in Ang Thong market. It consists of a ceremony to invite God Kuan-U and a dragon parade procession.

Local Products

Seasonal Fruits such as mango, pomelo, guava and papaya.  Aquaculture Products

such as Macrobrachium rosenbergii, sheat fish, probarbus jullieni.

Processed Foods such as pounded meat and salted egg from Amphoe Chaiyo,

smoked fish in stick, sun-dried fish and crispy fish. Desserts: Khanom Keson

Lamchiak from Amphoe Wiset Chai Chan and Khanom Kong from Amphoe Mueang

are both famous gifts.

Furniture model from Amphoe Mueang. Flowers made from cloth: from Amphoe

Pho Thong and Amphoe Sawaeng Ha.

Drums and Court Dolls: from Amphoe Pa Mok.  Wickerwork: made of bamboo,

rattan, and Java weed from Ban Chaocha, Amphoe Pho Thong and Amphoe Wiset

Chai Chan

Household Utensils: made from Ceramics and Bencharong from Amphoe Wiset

Chai Chan

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