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Wat Don Wai Floating Market, on the Nakhon Chai Si River, Nakhon Pathom Province,has become very popular for Thai and foreign tourists.Some people call this a floating market. However,  it is a market on the banks of the Nakhon Chaisi River. It is located on Nakhon Chai Si River, Nakhon Pathom

Province, and only about 30 km's. from Bangkok .Tourists can take a boat trip along the river which is very naturally beautiful while having lunch on the boat.The boat trip can be as short as one and a half hour and the fee is from 60 - 80 Baht per person.

Don Wai Market has been around for over a hundred years it was  established in the reign of King Rama VI (reigning 1910-1925). However, it is only recently that it has started to become popular with day trippers from Bangkok.

Tourists were not going to the market just to buy  food. They were going to eat at one of the many floating markets that lined the river. In fact, there are so many of these restaurants that as you walk along the market you do not get a clear view of the river. However, you do get fine views when you sit down to eat.

Cruising along the Tha Chin River is available at Don Wai Market by riding a converted cargo boat and a passenger boat. There are two cruise lines:

1. from Wat Don Wai passing Wat Rai Khing, and Wang Pla. Travel time is about 1.15 hours and the fare is 60 Baht for adult and 30 Baht for child.

2. from Wat Don Wai passing Wat Rai Khing, Wang Pla, Wat Sanphet, Wat Decha, the police cadet academy, and the Rose Garden. Travel time is about 1.30 hours and the fare is 100 Baht for adult and 50 Baht for child.

Getting there: you can get there via two routes:

1. from Bangkok, take the old Petkasem Road route, the entrance to Don Whai market is opposite the Elephant Show ground and Samphran Crocodile Farm. Take the route to Wat Rai Khing, when you reach the Wat Rai Khing, go on for another 10 Km's. passing also Wat Tha Put. Don Wai temple will be seen on the left.

2. From Pinklao-Nakhon Chaisi route (new route), take the Buddhamonthon V Road, there is a

road sign to Wat Rai Khing, take that road, keep on going for another four Km's., you will see

the second sign to Wat Rai Khing, turn right here and go on for another 4.5 Km's, then take

a left  turn at the T- intersection that   leads to Don Whai Market,  it will on your left-hand side.

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