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Wat Lampaya Floating Market

It is situated in front of Lampaya temple, on the Tha Cheen River.  The floating market was started by the Tambon Lampaya Cultural Council and Lampaya temple.  It is a centre of trade for fruits and vegetables as well as agricultural produces including rattan ware, woven cotton, dyed cotton, and inexpensive food.  Local food like noodles with beef, Thai desserts, and steamed curried fish patty, are sold by local vendors who do their trade in their boats.  In front of the temple is another haven for the various species of fish including big catfish-like fresh water fishes, black ear, and giant gourami. The cruise services along Tha Cheen River are also available.  Several types of boats cater to the needs of the visitors, which include:

Ancient rowing boat: cruising along Tha Cheen River: leaving from Wat Lampaya, paying

homage to Chao Mae Thabthim Shrine, the most  revered shrine of Tambon Lampaya.  

The trip costs 20 Baht/person.  It takes around 30 minutes; Towed boat: a round trip along

Tha Cheen River:   departing  from Wat  Lampaya to  Wat  Sukvatanaram.  Feeding fish can

be done in front of Wat Lampaya.  The trip costs 50 Baht/adult and 20 Baht/child.

Passenger boat: leaving from Wat Lampaya to Wat Bang Phra ( Wat Luang Pho Pern ).

The trip takes two and a half hours. An adult fee is 50 Baht, a child fee is 20 Baht.

This floating market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays, from 06.00-15.00.

Getting there: the market can be reached several ways:

By Car:

1) take the Pinklao-Nakhon Chaisi route, turn right onto a bridge that leads to Salaya,

continue driving,  passing  Mahidol  University, then take a left turn in front of Buddhamonthon

District  Office, and then take a right turn at  uddhamonthon Police Station for another 24 Km's.

Wat Lampaya is on the left.  The trip takes around 45 minutes;

2) taking the Bangbuathong route, keep going for about 10 Km's., look for a sign that points to

Bang Len, take a left turn there and proceed for 20 Km's., at the next intersection (before

reaching the bridge crossing the Tha Cheen River), take a left turn and keep going for another

9 Km's.  Wat Lampaya will be seen on the right.

By Bus: the Transport Company operates a Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom bus.  Get off at Nakhon

Pathom Market and then take a Song Taew (public pick-up truck) of Nakhon Pathom-Lampaya

line, and get off at Wat Lampaya.  Take a Song Taew, route Lampaya-Thung-Noi, from a market

in Nakhon Pathom town and get off at Wat Lampaya.

There are also mini-van services available from the Southern Bus Terminal, near Kung Luang

Restaurant.  The van leaves every 30 minutes, from 05.00-18.00.  A one-way fare is 40 Baht.

 For more information contact Wat Lampaya, Tambon Lampaya Cultural Council

Tel: 0 3439 1626   0 3439 1626  0 3439 1985   0 3439 1985    0 3439 2022   

0 3439 2022     

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