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Hua Lamphong Railway Station, ( see separate article on this under F to K Items )


The main station and the terminus of the Bangkok Metro line. Located right in the middle

of downtown Bangkok, it is a huge and surprisingly grand station, built during the reign

Of King Rama VI and spared bombing in  World War  II at the request of the Free Thai

underground. The  station  has a  good tourist  office. Only  listen to the people at the

Info desk - anyone walking around offering to  help you find a hotel or taxi is just a tout,

even if they are wearing very official looking badges. Likewise, the second floor shops

offering Tourist Information are just agents in disguise.


Tickets for trains leaving the same or next day can be bought on the counters under the red / orange / green screens  The Advance Booking Office is located to the right of the platforms as you walk towards them and is  well organized. You can select your seat / berth from a plan of the train, and payments by credit card is accepted. Also, finally you can book an e-ticket ( tip: do not use special characters in the registration form if it does not work ); the price is the same, however, the quota reserved for e-booking is limited, and there are only 1st and 2nd air - con sleeper class tickets available.


The taxi pick up and drop off point is to the left of the platforms as you walk towards them, and is generally chaotic at busy periods with scant regard for any queue. The left luggage facility is at the opposite end of the concourse, on the far right as you walk away from the platforms.


Travel agencies may try to sell you a private VIP bus ticket if there is no place in first and second class trains, claiming to offer a direct trip to the destination with a VIP bus faster than the train. Although the trip starts with a VIP bus, it ends with a "surprise" transfer to a minibus and extremely long journeys. Just refuse the offered private bus ticket and buy public bus tickets from the main bus terminals if you cannot find a ticket for the train.


For those considering taking a train to Phuket take note; There are NO direct trains to Phuket. If taking the train is a must do, you will need to book a ticket to Surat Thani, then secure bus transit. One other important note; the last bus to Phuket from Surat Thani is in the mid-afternoon, to make the last bus for Phuket you will need to take a night train.


Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok Page 12, Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok,