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Bang Sue Train Station

If coming from the north or north-east, connecting to the Metro here can shave the last half-hour off your train trip. This is not a very good place to board trains though, as there is practically no information or sign age in English. However, this situation will doubtless improve as more and more long-distance departures are switched to here from Hua Lamphong.

Thonburi Train Station

Also known as Bangkok Noi Station, this station is on the west side of the river in Thonburi. It is

the terminus for twice-daily trains to Kanchanaburi ( via Nakhon Pathom ), River Kwai Bridge

and Nam Tok. Just to keep things confusing, the previous Thonburi Station right next to the river

( accessible by the Chao Phraya Express Boat pier Railway Station ) is now mothballed, but it's

only 800 metres away from the new Thonburi station.

There are two daily 3rd class trains:

Depart Thonburi 07:45, arrive Nam Tok 12:20, return 13:00, terminate Thonburi at 17:36

Depart Nam Tok 05:25, arrive Thonburi 10:05, return 13:50, terminate Nam Tok at 18:20

Note that the weekend-only 2nd class air-con Kanchanaburi/Nam Tok  tourist  trains depart

from Hua Lamphong.

Wong Wian Yai station

serves only the rustic Mahachai / Maeklong commuter line, an experience

for rail fans but of little interest to most visitors. Trains run roughly hourly.

The railway station is about 800 metres from the Sky train station of the

same name; to transfer, take a metered taxi for 35 - 50 Baht, or walk

Cruise ships visiting Bangkok arrive can dock at either of two ports.

Large ships must use Laem Chabang, about 90 minutes south-east of Bangkok and about 30 minutes north of Pattaya.

A taxi service desk is available on the wharf, but charges extortionate prices - a whopping 2600 Baht to charter a taxi (4 passengers), or about 5000 Baht to charter a minibus ( usually 11 passenger seats ), for a trip into Bangkok. Slightly lower prices can be found by walking out to the main road (about 4000 Baht for a minibus), however even these rates are almost double the typical rate in the opposite direction. Better deals may be possible for round trips ( even if returning the following day ).

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Bangkok Page 13, Bang Sue, Thon buri, Wong Wien Yai,  Railways Stations
Bangkok Page 13, Bang Sue, Thon buri, Wong Wien Yai,  Railways Stations