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Districts of Bangkok Silom / Surawong / Sathon.

From end to end these three parallel streets are full of big blocks of multi-story buildings, housing many banks, finance firms, insurance companies, export & import houses, hotels, airlines offices, restaurants, shopping arcades, department stores & entertainment establishments. The area is busy night & day.

Pat Pong market is in this area & has been for about 30 years. This famous market is infamous for all kinds of entertainment, with its many bars, & nightclubs. This market mainly caters for the visitor to Thailand & sells all manner of items but many are fake & and not normally as cheap as other markets around Bangkok. You need to be good at haggling here ! There is a Sky Train station very near Sala Daeng &  a MRT station Si Lom. Be careful of pickpockets here.

Frequent first and second class bus services directly connect Laem Chabang with Ekkamai ( Bangkok's Eastern Bus Terminal, on Sukhumvit ) less frequent direct services run to Mo Chit ( Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal ).

A first class air-con bus (blue and white) to either will usually take 90 minutes or less; the fare is around 100 Baht. A good way to make the most of a quick visit is to board an Ekkamai bus and then disembark early at the On Nut Sky train Station on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok (t he bus will always pause here provided a passenger requests it ) in the opposite direction, use the Ekkamai Sky train Station and board the bus at the terminus. To get to or return from the Chatuchak Weekend Market, use the Mo Chit bus instead.

Buses en route to Pattaya ( southbound ) can be boarded at the traffic lights on Sukhumvit Road in Laem Chabang, are extremely frequent ( at least 10 per hour ), and charge less than 50 Baht.

Modest sized ships may dock farther up-river at Khlong Thoey, much closer to the city centre. A modest terminal provides processing for passengers (who may receive Thai customs and immigration processing on-board), as well as offering "managers" who arrange tours and taxis. Costs to reach major hotels and points of interest are much lower than for Laem Chabang, but can vary according to passenger negotiating skills.

The facility is close to but beyond practical walking distance to MRT and Sky Train stations

Cruise Ship connections, and a video of Bangkok,

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