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The East is the Chao Phraya River. Thonburi is in tropical zone; therefore, the weather is hot and humid all year round. Since the land is a delta on the month of the Chao Phraya River, the soil is well fertile, suitable for agriculture. As a result, the old typical careers of the people in Thonburi are agricultures and orchard owner. The land at the mouth of the river where Thonburi is located was once a sea and later became a fertile delta where there are several waterways, which made constructing canals in this area being done easily. Consequently, there are so many canals in Thonburi that this city has been known as Venice of the East.

Even though Thonburi was the capital city for only 15 years, this place had long been an old city community which was economically important because it was also a tax collecting gateway town. It has also been a fertile land for agriculture. Moreover, Thonburi has long been a multi-cultural community of different ethnic groups of people: the Chinese, Mon, Indian, Japanese and Dutch merchants since the Ayutthaya period. One of this distinguished proof is a Dutch Warehouse in Bang Pakok district, being called New Amsterdam

Getting There

By Boat

The easiest way to get into Thonburi is by boat. The Chao Phraya Express Boat goes up and

down the river for 13 Baht. Sometimes it's necessary to buy the ticket before embarking the

boat, but you can also buy tickets inside. If going north from Sathorn Taksin pier (from either

Silom or Sukhumvit),  the first pier on the  Thonburi side is Wang Lang. It's the easiest point

of entry as all express boats stop there and   the  Bangkok Noi area is one of the busiest in

Thonburi. If you are going south from Phra  Arthit pier ( from Khao San Road ),  Wang Lang

is the second pier on the Thonburi side. When you are heading for the Royal Barge National

Museum, disembark at the Phra Pinklao Bridge pier.

There are also numerous ferries crossing the river from the Rattanakosin and Silom sides. Many Bangkok commuters make use of these ferries, as they quickly cross the river for only 3 Baht. If you are visiting Wat Arun, head for Tha Tien pier at the Rattanakosin side and embark the Wat Arun ferry service. Other notable ferry services are the Tha Chang-Wang Lang line ( from the Grand Palace area to Wang Lang Market ) and the Tha Phra Chan-Wang Lang line ( from Thammasat University to Wang Lang Market ).

Thonburi is on the west bank of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok

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