Chumphon Province Page 3, Video of the Beaches, and Khlong Phrao National Park, Suan Nai Dum
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Chumphon Province Page 2, How to get there

Khlong Phrao National Park Being the origin of rivers and canals in Chumphon, this Park covers the area in Amphoe Thung Tako, and Amphoe Mueang. Use highway no.41 to Lang Suan Crossroad, turn right for 15 kilometres. In rainy season, the best vehicle to

use is 4-wheel drive. There are many natural attractions

such as Namtok  Thap Chang, a 2-level,  middle sized

waterfall which is the most  beautiful in the Park. The

Parks area is suitable for overnight, bird watching, and

trekking for nature study. For further details, please

contact the Natural Resource Conservation Bureau, Forestry Department, at Tel: 0 2579 7223    0 2579 7223


Suan Nai Dum  Situated on Hwy 41, 54 km from the town of Amphoe Thung Tako, the orchard produces good quality fruits such as tangerine, papaya, dragon fruit, and Mayong Chit (marrian plum). The orchard is a perfect highway stop, ideal for taking a break from a long drive. A restaurant, coffee shop and souvenir shop are located in a beautiful lush green area. Remarkably, the orchard offers a unique toilet.

The toilet at Nai Dum’s Fruit Orchard won the award from the Nation’s annual toilet competition in 2006. In addition, it had been proclaimed by the Ministry of Public Health to be a Thai public toilet learning centre, which is regularly visited by students and organizations. Mr Dum, the orchard owner, had the intention to develop this public toilet to be a pleasant place for visitors. Therefore, his idyllic and hygienic toilet is surrounded by nature; with flowers, trees and miniature waterfalls.


Contact Nai Dum Fruit Orchard, call 0 7753 6338-9   

0 7753 6338-9  

Web Site:  

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Chumphon Province  Video of the Beaches, and Khlong Phrao National Park, Suan Nai Dum

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