Chumphon Province Page 8, Chumphom Province Interesting places to visit eg; Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park
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Ao Thung Makham This scenic bay area consists of Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays. Using highway no.4119 and 4098, for 27, and 31 kilometres to Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays, respectively. They are half-circle beaches, adjacent to each other, separated by the line of rocks. With long line of coconut trees and quiet surroundings, these beaches have very fine sand. By the south end, Wat Suwan Khuha Khiri Wong or Wat Pong Pang is located under the shade of the coconut trees. At the back of the Wat facing the sea, is a long cliff of more than 80 metres.

Khao Kriap Cave ( Tham Khao Kriap ) This is one of the most beautiful caves in the south. It is 85 kilometres from Chumphon along highway no. 4 ( Chumphon - Lang Suan ), and turn right for another two kilometres.There is a Buddhist temple at the foot of the Khao Kriap hill. Inside the cave, there is also a Buddha image besides the stalactites and stalagmites.

Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park Located at Moo 7, this venue is 65 kilometres from Chumphon by turning right at Lang Suan crossroad for another three kilometres. This garden is beautifully decorated with flowers and the statue of the Princess' Mother, the highlight of this garden. Not far is Tham Khao Ngoen, of which there is the inscription of King Rama V's initials. Another inscription on the wall is No.108 which was the Ratanakosin Era when he visited the Malaya Peninsula in 1889. Also, there is a Chedi in front of the cave.

Wat Thep Charoen Situated in Tambon Tha Kham, this temple is four kilometres from Phetkasem Road

( highway no. 4 ) at the 490th kilometre. The temple is located at the foot of Rap Ro Hill used to be the port area in the ancient time. There are many interesting attractions around this temple. Many Buddha images are in Tham Phra. The meditation area at Tham Ai Te, with a reclining Buddha fresco painting on the wall. Also, There are  beautiful  stalactites and stalagmites in Tham Sai. Moreover, in the temple there is the Buddha's footprint and the body which was not yet decayed of  Luang  Pu Sai, a revered monk. Nearby, is the  local museum with the  collections of the  ancient materials found in the temple. Another highlight is the leather carving of the shadow puppet show done by the local artisans.

Hat Sai Ri Sawi  This beautiful beach is located in  Tambon  Tha Hin. To visit the beach, use  Highway no.41

( Chumphon- Sawi route ), turn left to Sawi - Bo Kha route for 12 kilometres. This large beach is parallel to the coconut line, suitable for relaxation and it is the venue where the lifestyle of the fishermen is very impressive.

Chumphom Province Interesting places to visit eg; Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park

Chumphon Province Page 9, Chumphon Province, places to see, eg; Tham Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area