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Vichayen House  was built at the royal command of King Narai the Great. It initially

served as a residence of Chevalier de Chaumont, the first French ambassador to Thailand

during the reign of King Louis XIV. Later on, it was occupied by the Greek, Constantine

Phaulkon, who later became King Narais advisor and was granted the position of royal

minister Chao Phraya Vichayen. Located just 300 meters from Prang Khaek, the

compound has many interesting visible ruins including the Roman Catholic Chapel, a hall

of residence for ambassador and mission members, brick water tanks and fountains.

Admission fee is 30 Baht.

Prang Khaek is the oldest monument of Lop Buri and the oldest Khmer-style Hindu Shrine to be found in Thailand's central region. A fascinating small compound of Khmer remains, it consists of the three brick prangs constructed without adjoining corridors. Prang Khaek was restored by King Narai the Great in the 17th century. Recently restored by the Fine Arts Department, it is located on Vichayen Road, near the Narai Ratchaniwet Palace

Oasis Agro - Farm Location: 85/2 Mu 13 Chong Sarika Sub-District, Phatthana Nikhom District, Lop Buri 15220

An agro-tourism farm covering an area of 50 rai, Oasis Agro - Farm was established in 2001 to raise imported ostriches from South Africa. The farm is divided into different zones including a butterfly farm, an ostrich ranch, a sunflower plantation, etc. Visitors can enjoy hand-feeding the ostriches and driving a mini-tractor along the sunflower plantation. Admission fee is 10 Baht / person. For more information, contact Mr. Somchat Singhapol at 01 7808928   01 7808928  or 01 9941256 01 9941256

Kachornvit Mushroom Farm It is Located at 71/1 Mu 6 Nikhom Sang Toneng Sub-District,

Mueang District. Since its establishment in 1981, the Mushroom Farm has developed its

technology to grow high-quality organic mushrooms using EM microbe. Visitors can take

a short tour of the farm or sample several kinds of preserved mushrooms which are also

available for sale. Farm-stay accommodations are available but reservations must be made

in advance.

Call 036 652442 036 652442  or 07 0710683  07 0710683 for more details    

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Vichayen House, Prang Khaek, Oasis Agro - Farm, Kachornvit Mushroom Farm Lopburi Province