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Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary Located in Kut Ta Phet Sub district, Sap langka Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 155 square kilometres or 96,875 rai of land. A flatland amidst a valley, the Sanctuary is 140-846 meters above sea level. This virgin and fertile jungle is where Maenam Lam Sonthi originates and where the nearly-extinct animals

dwell. There are two natural trekking trails which are easy to follow. The first is from Haui Prik to Tham

( cave ) Pha Pheung (  a 3,200-meter trip with a total travel time of about 2.5 hours). The second is

Haui  Pradu trail which starts with a rafting trip to the 1,500-meter trail along Tham Samui Kui and

Tham Phra Nok.(total travel time is about 1.5 hours)

Places of interest along both trails include Namtok Pha Phueng, where water gushes down the high

cliff all year round. The steep trail winds through the side of the mountain to another part of the waterfall.

Nearby is the huge Pha Pheung Cave which is the home of thousand bats. Stalagmites and stalactites

are found in the cave which ends at the high cliff. Other attractions include Pha Nam Yoi and Namtok

Sam Sai.

To get there by car, use Highway No. 205 from Chai Badan to Lam Sonthi. Drive for 31

kilometres, turn to Kudtapetch Sub-district and proceed for another 37 kilometres.

Please note that visitors are admitted only to certain areas. Contact the Sanctuary

Headquarters for more details on 02 562 0760  02 562 0760     or visit www.dnp.go.th

Wat Khao Somphot This temple is located 38 kilometres from Chai Badan District. There are 19 caves naturally decorated with stalactites and stalagmites in the environs of the mountainous temple. Recommended caves to visit include Tham Yai, Tham Chedi, Tham Phet, Tham Ram Wong, Tham Singto, etc.

Wat Khao Wongkhot ( Bat Cave ) Covering an area of 30 rai, Wat Khao Wongkhot is situated about four kilometres from Ban Mi city. The temple is built in the middle of three mountains with the Reclining Buddha enshrined at the foot of Sanam Daeng Mountain. Visitors are encouraged to stop at a pavilion which keeps the un - deteriorated body of Charoen Ditsawanno venerable Bhikku, former abbot of Wat Khao Wongkot who passed away in 1963.

Within the compound of Wat Khao Wongkhot is a bat cave which is considered to be the largest in Lopburi. With millions of bats inhabiting the cave, the temple receives substantial revenues from the sale of bat dung. The bats will fly out of the cave at 6 p.m. to seek food. It takes up to two hours to empty the cave.

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