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The largest sunflower field in Thailand is located in Tambon Chong Sarika, Phatthana Nikom District. The panoramic sunflower field has become Lop Buri's major tourist attraction especially during November to January when they are in full bloom. To travel from Bangkok, drive along the Lop Buri - Saraburi  Road for about 30 kilometres, then turn left into Highway No. 21 and proceed for another 15 kilometres. Travelling from Lopburi town centre, the sunflower field is located about 45 kilometres from the town.

Deep in some horticulture web site comes a line on how people love sunflowers for their brightness and their size. But as we take a Sunday drive to where Thailand’s rice fields become rolling countryside and huge hills of marble and granite, a person’s fascination appears strikingly more evident among the adults swarming the edges of field after field of sunflowers, or thantawan as they are called here.

Certainly no  honey or  fragrance has drawn them. Crowding under the circus like canopies

of festive yellow,  blue  and green stripes,  perhaps they  see what Van Gogh saw. Maybe

they hope to follow the flower’s face turning from east to west, drinking in as much sunlight

as it can in a day. When  fully grown, the flowers  will stop  chasing the sun and stand still

until their heads droop and their vivid colour evaporates and someone comes along and picks

them for what has been described as the ultimate bird food. Although, the mineral content

of the disk flowers – the hundreds of spikes that fill the face – make it an amazing human

treat. Sunflower seeds are said to be in the same protein league as beef and have more iron than any other food except egg yolks and liver.

Whether it’s the vast spread of bright colour or the up-close burst of life or just a pleasant excuse for a drive in the country, more than a million sunflower pilgrims head to central Thailand each November to January. Farmers in 13 Thai provinces plant sunflowers in rotation with other crops. The sunflower produces the world's second most important and valuable oil seed ( coconut oil is the first ). Some provinces are far more scenic than others, such as Mae Hong Son, but not so convenient for a day trip.

Lopburi and Sara Buri are the closest sunflower provinces to Bangkok. Sunflowers, which grow far more abundantly in North America and Russia, come with names as fun as their appearance: Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, Russian Giant

( more than 3.7 m ), Holiday, Italian White, Velvet Queen and Sunspot, which only grows up to 0.6 m.  

Largest Sunflower field in Thailand is located in Tambon Chong Sarika, Phatthana Nikom District.

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