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Khon Kaen Province Page 8, Phu Pha Man National Park

Phu Pha Man National Park Attractions in this national park include:

Namtok Tat Rong   With a height of 60 - 70 metres, the waterfall originates from Phong River that runs from Phu Kradueng. The waterfall borders Phu Kradueng National Park and Phu Pha Man National Park. A folk tale says the waterfall can sing as water runs on a piece of thin stone, the falling water veers off into different rock holes nearby and fills the forest with strange sounds.

Tham Pu Lup  The cave is on Highway 201. Its five chambers are all decorated with glittering stalagmites and stalactites. The cave contains water the year round.

Pha Nok Khao  The towering cliff of black rock by the Phong River looks like an owl or Nok khao in Thai. It is 125 kilometres from downtown Khon Kaen. Tourists can get there via Highway 2 and 201 ( Khon Kaen - Wang Saphung ). Pha Nok Khao is on the left of Ban Dong Lan. The best location to see the owl-shape cliff is at the orchid nursery of the Forestry Department on the other side of the road. There is another nearby place of interest known as Namtok Tat Ron, or Namtok Tat Hong as it is called by local dialect name. The 70-metre high waterfall is located in neighbouring Loei province on the boundary of Phu kradueng national Park, Phu Pha Man National Park and the Phong River. The sound made by the waterfall when cascading onto a huge a large stone slab beneath is how the waterfall derived its name.

Nam Phong National Park Acquiring a total area of 197 square kilometres, the park covers a large area in Khon Kaen eg; Nong Ruea, Ubolratana, Phu Wiang, Ban Fang, Mancha Khiri, and Khok Pho Chai as well as two Amphoe's in Chaiyaphum provinces, Ban Thaen and Kaeng Khro.

The park headquarters is located by the lake over Ubolratana Dam. Forest in this national park is watershed of the chi and Phong Rivers. The deciduous dipterocarp and dry evergreen forests in this mountain range are a major source of herbs. There are viewpoints in the park. Hin Chang Si is a group of rocks, where wild elephants use for scratching their flanks. This point has a scenic view of the Uboltatana lake and Khon Kaen city. Hin Chang Si viewpoint can be reached by car, eight kilometres from Sok Tae Reforestation Park. From the head quarters, walking to Hin Chang Si takes around two hours. Some 30 minutes on foot from Hin Chang Si is Plan Chat viewpoint. Pha Sawan is another viewpoint from where visitors can witness beautiful scenery of the lake. The cliff is a two-hour walk from the headquarters. Another interesting attraction in the park is Phon Kham, crater-like rock well. For more information, call Nam Phong National Park at Tel. 0 4324 8006

0 4324 8006  or of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department in Bangkok at Tel. 0 2562 0760   0 2562 0760 How to get there: Nam Phong National Park can be reached from two routes.

1. From Khon Kaen, go via Highway 12 to Chum Phae District, then turn right at kilometre 30 to Ban PHue for another 19 kilometres via Highway 3034 ( Nong Saeng Tha Ruea ) . This route is 49 kilometres.

2. From Khon Kaen, bound for Amphoe Ubolratana via Highway 2, heading for Udon Thani, then turn left to Amphoe Ubolratana. In the Amphoe, use Highway 3034, which lies along the lake over Ubolratana Dam. This route is 65 kilometres long.



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