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Khon Kaen Province Page 10, Hong Mun Mang or Khon Kaen City Museum

Sim ( Ubosot of Wat Sa Thong Ban Bua ) This Sim, ordination hall, is architectural heritage of Isan with outstanding local characters. The exterior is decorated with colourful mural and glass. The Sim houses a rare Isan-style sandstone Buddha image. In 2002, the Sim was awarded a precious architecture, heritage and cultural conservation of the Asia Pacific by UNESCO.


Chang Kra Having grown wild over a century ago in Wat Pa Mancha Khiri, over 4,000 Chang Kra orchid - Rhyncostylis gigantean ( Lindl ) are in full bloom on the branches of some 280 trees every year during January and February. These wild orchids always fill the whole area with their mild fragrance.


How to get there: the temple is only a kilometre from downtown Amphoe Mancha Khiri, 57 kilometres

from  downtown Khon Kaen. From  Bangkok, motorists can drive  via Highway 2 ( Mitraphap Road )

then turn left to Amphoe Chonnabot, via Highway 229 ( Chonnabot Mancha Khiri ). The entrance to

the temple is on the left before reaching Amphoe Mancha Khiri or some 35 kilometres from Mitraphap

Road. From Khon Kaen, motorists can go via Highway 2731 and 2062 through Amphoe Phra Yuen.


Wat Udom Khongkha Khiri Khet Good for meditation practicing, the temple is located deep in lush forest in Tambon Ban Khok. Luangpu Phang, a Buddhist monk famous in meditation, once lived here. Today, Buddhists come to visit the temple and pay respect to his monument in the temple compound.


How to get there: visitors can go via Highway 12 ( Khon Kaen - Chum Phae ) for 14 kilometres then turn left to Highway 2062 ( Ban Thum-Mancha Khiri Road ) for another 44 kilometres and get on highway 229 ( Mancha Khiri - Chaiyaphum Road ) for 12 kilometres and turn right into the temple, 12 kilometres away.


Tham Pha Phuang Forest Park is in Ban Dong Lan, Tambon Pha Nok Khao, 123 kilometres from Khon Kaen on the Khon Kaen-Chum Phae road by Highway No. 12 and 201. A 4-kilometre road on the right then takes you to the park. Tham Pha Phuang is a huge limestone cave. Inside, is a large chimney-shaped rock and lovely stalagmites and stalactites.


Hat Sawan Acquiring a 62 rai area, the scenic beach by the lake over Ubolratana Dam is an ideal place for recreation among the locals and tourists.



Khon Kaen Province, Places to visit, Chang Kra Orchids

Khon Kaen Province Page 12, Non Mueang Ancient Town and  Sala Mai Thai