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Khon Kaen Province Page 12, Non Mueang Ancient Town and  Sala Mai Thai

Scientific Centre for Education  Located on a 51 rai plot of land, the centre is a knowledge hub in science and technology for children, youth, students, and the public. The 2 - storey building has various exhibitions regarding science and environment as well as the Scientist Princess Room which features history and performances of Prof. Dr. Princess Chulabhorn and the Primeval World Room which features dinosaur and fossils.


The scientific centre is open on weekdays from 8.30 am. to 4.30 pm. Call 0 4327 4154  0 4327 4154 for more information.


Tortoise Village The villagers keep many tortoises as their mutual pets. The brownish yellow shelled tortoises, called Tao Phek in local dialect, always travel around in the village to be fed.

How to get there: from downtown Khon Kaen, motorists can drive via Highway 12 ( Khon Kaen

Chum Phae ) for ten kilometres then turn left to Highway 2062 ( Khon Kaen-Mancha Khiri ) for

another 54 kilometres. The entrance  to the  tortoise  village is on  the left at  Ban Kok, two

kilometres before Amphoe Mancha Khiri. It is easy to notice with two tortoise replicas on the

roadside opposite to Wat Si Sumang. Turn left through Ban Kok, the tortoise village is 50 metres



Dok Khun Siang Khaen Festival is held during April 13 - 15 every year at Bung Kaen Nakhon.

The day starts with merit making, followed by pouring holy water on Buddha images,

local dramatic arts, floral cart procession, northeastern food contest, boat race in Bung Kaen

Nakhon, and shops selling a variety of products.


Silk and Phuk Sieo Festival is held annually on 29 November - 10 December at the front area

of Khon Kaen town hall. The main events are the display of the local silk and its contest

and Isan making friend tradition called Phuk Sieo. Pha Laeng, a wonderful Isan dinner is

also available.



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