Chai Nat Province Page 1, the History and Geography
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Chai Nat is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River. The community was moved from the old site at Sankhaburi in the reign of King Rama IV. Chai Nat was an important town used several times as a base to confront the Burmese army. Every time, the Burmese were defeated, thus originating the name of Chainat which means a place of victory.

Chai Nat is located in the flat river plain of central Thailand's Chao Phraya River valley. In the south of the province the Chao Phraya ( formerly Chai Nat ) Dam impounds the Chao Phraya river, both for flood control as well as to divert water into the country's largest irrigation system for the irrigation of rice paddies in the lower river valley. The dam, part of the Greater Chao Phraya Project, was finished in 1957 and was the first dam constructed in Thailand.

The provincial seal shows the Buddhist wheel, the Dhammajakra. In the background is a mountain ( Khao Phlong ) and a river ( Chao Phraya River ). The wheel symbolizes the faith of the residents.

The provincial tree is the Bael Fruit Tree ( Aegle marmelos ), and the provincial flower the Rainbow Shower Tree ( Cassia javanica ).

The slogan of the province is Venerable Luangpu Suk, Renowned Chao Phraya Dam, Famous Bird Park and Tasty Khao Taengkwa Pomelo.

Administrative districts

Chainat is sub divided into eight districts ( Amphoe ). The districts are further sub divided into 53 sub districts ( Tambon ) and 474 villages ( Muban ).

  1. Mueang Chai Nat

  2. Manorom

  3. Wat Sing

  4. Sapphaya

  5. Sankhaburi

  6. Hankha

  7. Nong Mamong

  8. Noen Kham

Chai Nat Province Page 1, the History and Geography
Chai Nat Province Page 1, the History and Geography

Chai nat Province the History and Geography

Chao Phraya Dam