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Chai Nat Province Page 4, Wat Phra Kaeo, Chai Nat Muni National Museum , Wat Intharam
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Wat Mahathat  This is an old temple of Mueang Phraek or Mueang San which was an ancient

city dating back to the Dvaravati period. Sankhaburi had been also an important fort town of the

Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Kingdoms. It is located by the Noi River, 20 kilometres southeast of

Chai Nat along Route No. 340. The temple houses ruined chapels with seated Buddha images

and a distinguish Lop Buri style Chedi with a fluted spire like the petal of a star apple.


Khun San Statue  Khun San is one of the Bang Rachan folk leaders who fought the Burmese

during the Ayutthaya period. It is taken for granted that he was a Sankhaburi resident. The statue is

2.5 metres high, standing in front of the Sankhaburi district office.



Wat Klai Kangwon or Khao Saraphat Si Charoen Tham It is located at Tambon Ban Chian, 48 kilometres from the provincial town of Chai Nat. Proceed via Highway No. 3211 onto Hankha Intersection. Take a left turn for another four kilometres and the temple is on the right hand side. Turn right about 1.7 kilometres further and you will

come across a  concrete fence  measuring  5,000 metres in length  enclosing  the temple.


An ancient temple dated back to the Lop Buri period, Wat Klai Kangwon was deserted for sometime but

has later undergone major  restoration in 1967. On top of  the hill sees ruins of an  ordination hall  and the

Lord  Buddha’s  footprints, as well as, a  panoramic  view of the area.  There is the  annual  Tak Bat Devo

ceremony, which literally means offering of food to Buddhist monks.  The celebration is an imitation of Lord Buddha’s descent from heaven, and takes place after the Buddhist Rains Retreat.



Wat Song Phi Nong   It is located 300 metres from Wat Phra Mahathat. Legend has it that Chao Sam,

one of the three siblings, incited the other two siblings named Chao Ai and Chao Yi against each other

for the throne. Both Chao Ai and Chao Yi died and Chao Sam became the ruler. Chao Sam then built

one prang and one Chedi for his late  brothers. Both are presumed to have been built 600 years before

the establishment of the Ayutthaya Kingdom.   

Chai Nat Province, various Wat’s to see here