Chai Nat Province Page 7, Products to look out for and Festivals
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Benjarong Pentachrome Ceramics These five - coloured ceramics are made in the finest and most sophisticated craftsmanship. Every piece of the ceramics is hand painted with a traditional Thai design. They come in plates, bowls, cups, jars, and tea sets


Manorom’s Pomelo The most famous is the Khao Taengkwa variety with its sweet - crispy taste, large size, and is available throughout. The annual fair is held in August.


Water Hyacinth Woven Products  By making good use of this local plant, water hyacinths are made into a variety of affordable and delicate handicraft products and household decorations such as bags, baskets, slippers, flower pots, trays in the shape of a chicken, and vases


Herbal Shampoo Products  Made from kaffir limes, aloe, butterfly pea, turmeric, and soapberry, these renowned good quality herbal shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel, are products of the Tha Sai.


Pottery  These famous, durable, and stylishly designed pottery products such as flower pots, mugs, plates, watering utensils, and household decorations.


Huai Krot Sugar This palm sugar in soft cakes is derived from sugar palm trees, which are grown extensively in Tambon Huai Krot. Traditionally produced, Huai Krot Sugar is very sweet and aromatic, and an essential ingredient for making Thai desserts.


Artificial Flowers and Trees These are made from various materials such as plastic or sa paper.


Straw Bird Fair, Chai Nat’s Product Fair and Red Cross Fair  This annual fair is organized by making good use of straw, a by-product in rice farming. Various species of huge straw birds will come perching on elaborately decorated floats during the straw bird procession and the competition is held in front of Chai Nat City Hall. The event is held annually during Chinese New Year in February.


Chai Nat Pomelo Fair Chai Nat is one of several provinces famous for producing exceptional pomelo. The best known are of the Khao Taengkwa variety having a well-rounded shape, smooth skin, thin peel, sweet-crispy taste and a little sour, but not bitter. The fair is held during late August - early September in front of Chai Nat City Hall and features many activities such as pomelo contest, varieties of exhibitions by provincial authorities, and young shoot and pomelo sales.


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