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Plong Liam It is situated at Mu 10, Tambon Tha Mai, near the basketball court in Ban Plong Liam School, on the bank of the Tha Chin River. Plong Liam is a chimney of a Portuguese sugar factory, called Captain Hit. It was built in 1824 during the reign of King Rama III. It is a chimney made of bricks and cement on a 4 metre-width and 4 metre-height square base. From the base rises an octagonal chimney. Each side is 1 metre wide and its overall height is 30 metres.

It is believed that the Portuguese who resided in Thailand during that period might support the villagers to plant sugar cane to supply sugar factories because in the past, this area was a good location for planting cane as evident from many sugarcane press factories, which are called by the locals as Rong Hip.  Later, due to the geographical change, some of the canals linked to one another. The tide could run through three areas of Lat Tha Pla, Lat Hang Pla and Lat Ko, making sea water flood the sugarcane field. When there was no sugarcane to supply the factories, the Portuguese sugarcane press factories and sugar factories had to stop their businesses and have been left deserted until the present.

To get there: Take Phetchakasem Road, passing Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Intersection to the Flora Inn Intersection  

(1 kilometre before the elephant show space) and turn left for about four kilometres, passing Wat Tha Kham, cross the Chaloem Phrakiat Bridge to Wat Thian Dat – Suan Phak Intersection. Then, go straight on for about three kilometres to Wat Tha Mai and go further for 500 metres and turn right for 500 metres.

The City Pillar Shrine is situated near Pom Wichian Chodok and is a sacred place, as well as, a centre

of the heart of the fishermen in the province. Every time before sailing off, they have to pay respect and

light a firework in front of the city pillar shrine for good luck.

Wat Khok Kham is an ancient temple located by Khlong Khok Kham. It is accessible by going along Highway No. 35. Turn left to Wat Phanthai Norasing for three kilometres. The interesting part of this temple is the old ubosot decorated around with Sema boundary markers. At the front of the temple lies a renovated Chedi in the Ayutthaya style of art. The wooden engraving design at the gables are beautiful. Besides, there is a Phanthai Norasing Shrine which was a temporary shrine and a store of antique objects concerning the story of Phanthai Norasing such as parts of the Ekkachai and Butsabok royal barges, etc.

Ao Mahachai Mangrove Forest Study Centre offers a nature trail along a mangrove forest around the Tha Chin Estuary. From the town, take Sutthiwawithi Road for 2.5 kilometres, then turn left and proceed for 6.5 kilometres to the centre

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