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Wat Nang Sao is located in Tambon Tha Mai. Take Highway No. 35 ( Thon Buri - Pak Tho ) to Highway No. 3091 for about five kilometres and turn left into Soi Wat Nang Sao 2 for one kilometre. According

to legend, Sakhon Buri is a beach town in the south of Ayutthaya city. During a war in then

Burma, a group of Thai people immigrated along the Tha Chin River.

The elderly and women hid in the ancient Phra Ubosot. Later, the Thai’s helped one another

in fighting with the Burmese troops and gained victory. The immigrants then, settled in the

area. Among them, two sisters who once had taken refuge in the Phra Ubosot, had an idea to

renovate it. However, the elder one realized that the temple was too damaged and thus, built

a new one instead. Therefore, the younger sister would like to do as promised that if they

survived, they would have the temple renovated.

Therefore, she finished the renovation and called it Wat Phrommachari Later, it was called

Wat Nong Sao. At present, it is eroded into  Wat Nang Sao. The important ancient

monument of the temple is a brick ordination hall on a curved base similar to a junk with one

entrance which is called Bot Maha Ut. It has the ancient style of a terra cotta tiled roof,

Whose beams were made of logs and twin sandstone boundary markers. In the area, in front

of the temple  next to the Tha Chin River is located a fish sanctuary, full of striped catfish.

It is well - known among tourists who usually come to visit and feed the fish.

Samut Sakhon Science Centre for Education is situated in Tambon Khok Kham, one kilometre from Wat Khok Kham. It is under the Office of the Non - Formal Education Commission, Ministry of Education. It was established in 1997 in an area of 18 rai. Inside the building lies an exhibition on astrology and space under the title of the Earth and Solar

System, Exploration to the Moon, Life of Fixed Stars with a projector presenting stars in a small dome, a

presentation in the Mini Theatre,  and an  exhibition  entitled  Human Beings  and  Measurement and

Calculation, telling about the long history of measurement and calculation.

Outside the building, scientific gardens are organized such as geological garden, health garden, physics

amusement park, organic agricultural garden and herb garden. The activities are blended with the

original and natural geography. It is open daily from Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. For more details, please contact Tel. 0 3442 1014.  

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Samut Sakhon Province, Wat Nang Sao, Samut Sakhon Science Centre

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