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Samut Sakhon Province Page 5, Wat Yai Chom Prasat, Khlong Khok Kham, Ban Don Kai Dee

Pom Wichian Chodok This fortress is located near the city pillar shrine in the town. It was constructed

in 1827 during the reign of King Rama III to prevent sea invasion by an enemy. It can be seen as ruins

nowadays. The cannons, which used to be housed in the fortress, are now displayed at the city pillar

shrine and the city hall.




The Seafood Festival takes place during February or March every year at the embankment in front of the City Pillar Shrine to promote the reputation of seafood products of the province as well as the agricultural produce of the Ban Phaeo people such as fruits and flowers, including the processed food industry. Also, there is a fair offering seafood and handicraft products.


The Ban Phaeo Agriculture Fair is organized during February or March every year to promote the agricultural produce of the farmers in Amphoe Ban Phaeo, the most well-known place in the province and the biggest one in the country for the production of fruits, flowers and agricultural products.


The Chaopho Lak Mueang Procession takes place in June every year at the embankment in front of the city hall. The Chaopho Lak Mueang is then placed in a palanquin on a fishing boat, which is beautifully decorated with flags, and floated along the Tha Chin River from Talat Maha Chai to Tha Chalom in the area of Wat Suwannaram and further to Wat Chong Lom, providing an opportunity for the people to pay respect and gain good fortune.


The Tha Chalom Vegetarian Festival is organized during the period of days 1 - 9 of the waxing moon in the 9th Chinese lunar month every year. It is a serene vegetarian festival of a ceremonial nature. It purifies the body and spirit and it is attended by many people.


The Honey Offering Festival takes place in Wat Khlong Khru, Amphoe Mueang, Samut Sakhon, on the full moon of the 10th lunar month to pass on the traditional culture and festival of the Thai Mon people by paying respect to the monks. The monks will preserve the honey and use it as medicine. The Thai Mon people believe that those who offer honey to the monks will obtain good luck in return and gain prosperity financially and in honour, both in this and in the next life.


The Bodhisattva Kwan Yin Homage - paying Fair takes place from November 19 to 23 every year in the area of Wat Chong Lom to provide a chance for the public and tourists to pay homage to Bodhisattva Kwan Yin.

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