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Tham Khao Bin This is the most beautiful cave in Ratchaburi. It is located 20 kilometres from the town along the route to Amphoe Chom Bueng and two kilometres along an access road. The cave extends 300 metres from the mouth and offers truly amazing scenes of plentiful stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Tham Chomphon This cave is 30 kilometres west of the town near Amphoe Chom Bueng. It was originally called Tham Mutchalin. In 1895, King Rama IV and Queen Si Phatcharin made a royal visit and were fond of its beauty, thus giving it a new name according to the shape of the stalactites which look like the epaulette of a field marshal. The cave also houses a medium-sized reclining Buddha. A nearby arboretum provides shady areas suitable for relaxation.

Phawothai Local Museum This is located two kilometres from Suan Phueng district. Two Thai style houses in a pleasant garden displays a collection of ancient artefacts. The museum is open only on Saturdays , Sundays and Public Holidays. Admission is 20 Baht.  Accommodation is also available for any visitors to stay overnight . Call 0 3221 1189  for more information.

Bo Khlueng Hot Spring Located five kilometres beyond Amphoe Suan Phueng and another ten

kilometres along an access road, the stream is full of mineral water and is believed that it

can be used for skin treatment. The water flows all year round from the Tanaosi Range. Its

temperature ranges between 50 - 68 degrees Celsius.

On the route to the hot stream, a three km. branch road leads to Namtok ( waterfall ) Kao Chon,

which consists of nine cascades. The falls are plentiful during the late rainy season.

Wat Muang This is a Mon temple situated in Tambon Ban Muang, west of Amphoe

Ban Pong along Route No. 3089 and a left turn after crossing the Mae Klong River.

Besides a Mon style pagoda, a well-managed folk museum has been established

as a research centre of history, way of life, and culture of this Mon community.

Tham Ruesi Khao Ngu This famous attraction of Ratchaburi is eight kilometres from the town along the road to

Amphoe Chom Bueng ( Route No. 3078 ). The cave houses a bas - relief Buddha image, considered the oldest

archaeological evidence of the Dvaravati period found in Ratchaburi. The figure is 2.5 metres high in the

attitude of giving the first sermon.

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