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Places of interest. Whether it be for food / sight seeing / historical interest / or other headings. You decide it's your holiday but gather the items and explore for yourself and enjoy.

There is so much going on in Thailand it is almost impossible to list everything. From Elephant  Shows, Crocodile Farms, Snake Farms, Temples, Fishing, Golf, Scuba Diving, Markets, Floating Markets, historical buildings  ( eg: The Grand Place ) view points, shopping, night life anything you want to do, you can make it happen in Thailand

Remember wherever you go in Thailand. The insect situation has to be considered. I would say the mosquito’s  in Thailand are probably the worst in the world. I have been bitten many times myself. Remember to take repellant’s ( you can buy in Thailand ) but the main thing to bear in mind is stay away from still water which you will normally come across in the villages.

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