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Sing Buri was a great city in Thai history for the heroic act of the villagers of Bang Rachan in battle. Located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, about 142 km from Bangkok, it has an area of around 841 sq km. Geographically, it is a basin where three rivers: Chao Phraya, Noi, and Lop Buri, flow through. Somdet Khrom Phraya Damrong Rajanuphab described the city that €Sing Buri is an ancient and large city with a fortress, a royal palace, and Wat Maha That.

One important thing is the reclining Chakkrasi Buddha image which is larger than the others in Thailand. It is an imitation of the Indian Buddha image, like the one at a cave in Yala province. Sing Buri was called by different names: the city of Singha Rachathirat or the city of Singha Racha.

The city sits by Chakkrasi, the large river, 200 Sen ( Thai measurement equivalent to 40 mtrs ) away from the Chao Phraya River. Since the Chakkrasi River has been shallow, the city of Sing Buri has become a mysterious city. The city of Sing Buri was established as Sing Buri province in 1895 during the reign of King Rama V.

Among the charms of Sing Buri, many roads in the town of Sing Buri are named after the heroes of the Bang Rachan village, such as Nai Thaen, Nai Dok, Nai In, Nai Mueang, Khun San, etc. Besides, there are a great number of Buddhist temples, both of the old and new ages.

Wat Phra Non Chaksi

This temple is four km's. south of the

town along the Sing Buri - Suphan

Buri route. It  houses a huge

Sukhothai - style reclining Buddha

image, which  is revered by the

local people and  renowned for its large size, almost 46 metres long.

Monument of Bang Rachan Heroes


This is situated in Amphoe Khai Bang

Rachan, 13 km's. Southwest of the town

on Route No. 3032.The statues refer to

the villagers of Bang Rachan who bravely

fought against the Burmese army in 1765

during the reign of King Ekkathat of Ayutthaya. Despite many more troops than the villagers, the Burmese had to make eight attacks before the villagers were defeated due to their shortage of weapons.

Wat Na Phrathat

This temple, first called Wat Hua Muang by the villagers, is located one km. west of Wat Phra Non Chaksi. It houses an ancient brick pagoda which was built during the ancient Khmer's glory. The pagoda was later renovated during the early Ayutthaya period. This area is assumed to have been the ancient site of Sing Buri.

Sing Buri Province, History and Interesting places to see

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