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The Kuan Khao Thip Festival: Khao Thip or Khao Mathupayat

( rice sweets ) is usually made in Muban Wat Kudi Thong, Ban Phokhaphiwat and Wat Uttamaphichai in Amphoe Phrom Buri. The exact date of the festival is not fixed but it always is held during the time that young rice grows enough to give a milk-like juice. A ceremonial pavilion is set up and encircled by a holy thread. Virgin girls will bring nine ingredients: bean, sesame, milk, butter, sugar, coconut, honey, sugarcane juice and the milk-like juice squeezed out of young rice, to mix in a giant wok. The ingredients are then heated by a wood fire of Javanese cassia and jujube trees, which must be ignited using the sun.

The stirring will be accompanied by Buddhist monks’ chant of victory as well as the sounds of beating gongs and drums. The ritual still follows the traditional practice by having the appearance of a Brahman priest. The virgin girls who participate in the ritual must be the ones who have not yet started their first menstrual period. They are required to wear white and practise the Buddhist eight precepts to purify their body and mind before the ceremony. The girls will help make Khao Thip, which takes around six hours to finish. The sweet will be put in a container as an offering to the monks the next morning.

The Traditional Long - tailed Boat Race is held in September each year on the Chao Phraya River at the embankment in front of the old City Hall. Many famous boats from other provinces join the race to win HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Cup. This is a challenging and exciting event and the beautifully decorated boats are shown at their best.

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