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You are not allowed to enter Thailand on a Tourist Visa to conduct business, to attend a business conference, exhibition or seminar, to work (paid or unpaid), to enrol at a school/university as a student, to attend a training/education course (to teach English, scuba dive, Thai boxing, Buddhism, etc) or to do volunteer work.

If your purpose of visiting Thailand is other than tourism you must have a valid Non-Immigrant Visa before you enter Thailand.


The Non-Immigrant Visa can be issued only by the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate and it must be obtained before you arrive in Thailand. It is not possible to obtain this visa in Thailand.


The Non-Immigrant Visa can be granted for the following purposes of visit:-


   Category “B”     conduct business as employee of non Thai company or to work for Thai company.


   Category “ED”   study, attend/participate in seminar/conference/exhibition, attend as official at a recognised event,

study Thai boxing, etc) and study as Buddhist monk. This category does not allow paid employment.


   Category “O”      visit friends/family, for extended stay in Thailand, visit as UK pensioner, to work as a volunteer,

     attend training course (teaching English, scuba diving, etc) and to seek work/employment.

     This category does not allow paid or unpaid employment without a work permit.



If your purpose of visit is other than as above please seek advice


The Non-Immigrant Visa is available with a single entry or with multiple entries - there is nothing between these two options. The single entry visa has a validity of three months from date of issue. The multiple entry visa has a validity of twelve months from date of issue. On arrival in Thailand each entry allows a stay of maximum 90 days. The fee for the single entry version is £45. The fee for the multiple entry version is £100.




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