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If you have been granted a Non-Immigrant Visa please note the following:-


a) With a ONE entry Non-Immigrant Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand within the validity of the visa which will

   be 3 months from date of issue.


b) With a MULTIPLE entry Non-Immigrant Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand on your final visit before expiry

   of the visa which will be 12 months from date of issue.



When you first arrive in Thailand and pass through Thai Immigration you will be granted a 90-day stay and you will receive a stamp in your passport giving the date you enter (ADMITTED) and the date by which you must exit (UNTIL). It is most important not to stay in Thailand beyond that exit (UNTIL) date or you will be fined when leaving the country and you could be detained. If you have a Non-Immigrant Visa with a Multiple Entries you can re-enter for as many further stays as you wish, each allowing maximum 90 days, within the validity of the visa. It is not permitted to stay continuously in Thailand for more than 90 days but with a multiple entry visa if you wish to stay in Thailand for a further 90 days it is necessary for you to visit a convenient Thai Immigration Border Control Office on about day 88 of your 90-day stay, exit Thailand and immediately re-enter to activate your next 90-day stay. You can keep doing this every 85-90 days whilst your visa remains valid. When you come to the end of your only or final 90-day stay you must leave Thailand and you cannot re-enter until you obtain a new visa. Please bear in mind it is highly unlikely that you will be able to obtain this type of visa from anywhere other than the UK.


Please note that if you ever remain in Thailand beyond the “admitted until” date in your passport

you run the risk of being detained.

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