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Siam City Theme Park, Khan Na Yao district of Bangkok, Page 1


Magical flying carpet with centrifugal spin.



Copy of Disneyland's Orbitron.



UFO-themed thrill ride.



The oldest looping coaster in Southeast Asia, it was built when the park was very new. However, it also appears to be the highest reverse coaster in the region.



360-degree thrill ride without any safety belts. It is the same model as in Six Flags Magic Mountain.



Space-themed flight simulator.



Spinning thrill ride for adults.


Rock & Roll

Rolling inverted tube ride.


Tagada Disco

Spinning giant plate ride.


Big-Double Shock

A massive haunted house tour with many different horror special effects in separate rooms.


Balloon Race

a new ride that opened in 2009.It will take you like going up in the balloon.


The second-largest suspended looping coaster, and the first of its kind in South East Asia. It consists of 5 loops with several drops. Designed and built by Vekoma co.ltd


Giant Drop

75-meter free-fall ride.



Reverse roller coaster with 3 loops. It is a well-known coaster custom from Vekoma co.ltd


Siam Park Tower

A 100-meter high automatic observation tower which offers a 360-degree panorama of Bangkok.


Double-Deck Merry-Go-Round

One of the very first attractions in the park, it is a merry-go-round with double floors.


Twin Dragon

Pirate ship ride with a dragon theme.


Jurassic Adventure

A road trip into the world of ancient creatures. Moving dinosaurs and many different effects, with a volcano scene at the end.



Dinosaur museum where the showcase comes alive.



Spinner 50 meters high above ground level.



Siam City Theme Park attractions include

Siam City Theme Park layout, Khan Na Yao district of Bangkok, Page 3