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Phetchaburi Province Page 6, Places of Interest around Phetchaburi Province

Kaeng Krachan National Park  -  ( See separate article on this on page 11 ) This is the most extensive national park of Thailand occupying an area of 2,915 square kilometres and still largely unexplored. The national park office is located, three km  beyond Kaeng Krachan Dam. It was declared a national park on June 12, 1981, with clearly defined areas for a reservoir and year round green jungle in the Tanaosri Ranges, which are the origins of many rivers. The area is also rich in flora and fauna and has a 18-level waterfall named Namtok Tho Thip. About 54 km from the park office on the Sai Wang Won-Namtok Tho Thip route, there is a viewpoint affording magnificent views of misty mountains in the morning and suitable for bird and butterfly watching.

Admission is 200 Baht per person. A pick-up truck can be chartered at the park office to get to the peak of Phanoen Thung mountain. Tents are also available. Call 0 3245 9293 for more information.


Places of Interest around   Khao Yoi


Tham  Khao Yoi - This cave is located behind the railway station of Amphoe Khao Yoi, 22 km  before arriving at Phetchaburi town. It houses several Buddha images and was the place where King Mongkut practised meditation while he was in the monk hood.


Wat Kuti  - This temple at Tambon Bang Khem, north of Amphoe Khao Yoi, houses a Bot or rite hall made entirely from carved teak wood. Its outer surface of the walls was carved into scenes depicting Lord Buddha’s story and the door panels into openwork of entwined spray patterns, all with masterly craftsmanship.


Lao Song or Thai Song Dam Tribal Villages  - These are found in many vicinities in Amphoe Khao Yoi, particularly at Ban Nong Prong and Ban Thap Khang. Their ancestors have migrated from Laos. Their old customs and traditions are occasionally practised. In April, they organise their own social events with entertainment and folk plays.


Hat Cha am ( see next page ) Appearing to have been frozen in time warp, midway between remaining a Thai-style resort, and modernising to meet international tastes and requirements, this extensive pine-fringed beach is considered to be one of the most popular beaches of Thailand.

Phetchaburi Province Page 8, Cha am

Places of Interest around Phetchaburi Province, Thailand