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Wat Pho,  Page 3, The Sheltered Gate, Contorted Hermit Mount
Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok,Page 4, Layout of the grounds

The wealthy fine arts  and knowledge in this monastery had been accumulated for 25 years between the reigns of King Rama I and King Rama III of the Chakri Dynasty. Whilst a 2-3 hours visit will only give you a glance, it would take a lifetime to study all the arts and knowledge existence. Let's follow numbers shown on the map to assist you with your Wat Pho tour guide, and also advise you of the 2 - 3 monastery entrances you can use.

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok, Layout plan of the grounds

1    The Sheltered Gate

2    Phra Uposatha ( Main Chapel )

3    Kampaengkaew

4    Phra Maha Sthupa or Phra Prang

5    Phra Rabieng and Phra Viharn Thit

6    Phra Viharn Kod

6.1 Phra Viharn Kod Phrachai

6.2 Phra Viharn Kod Phra Buddhachao Khao      Nibbana

6.3 Phra Viharn Kod Nadaeng

6.4 Phra Viharn Kod Samor

7  Single Based Chedi

8  Phra Chedi Rai

9  Khao Mor

10 Sala Rai

11 Belfry

12 Phra Maha Chedi Si Rajakarn

13 Temple Museum Exhibiting Artefacts from Phra

    Maha Chedi Si Rajakarn

14 The Vihara of the Reclining Buddha

15 Phra Mondob ( The Scripture Hall )

16 Sala Karn Parien

17 Missakawan Park

18 Crocodile Pond

19 Contorted Hermit Mount

20 Thai Traditional Medical Science School and

    Body Massage

21 Chinese Rock Giants and Rockeries of Ballast

22 Decorative Plants and Herbal Garden

23 Wasukri Residence

24 Somdet Wo Pho to Library


Wat Pho Temple,Page 5,  Phra Maha Chedi Si Rajakarn , Bangkok,