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Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok, Contorted Hermit Mount  and the Phra Mondob, Scripture Hall

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok, Page 8, The Vihara of the Reclining Buddha
Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok, Page 10,  Phra Rabieng, Phra Uposatha, the main chapel
Wat Pho,  Page 3, The Sheltered Gate, Contorted Hermit Mount

Contorted Hermit Mount ( item 19 on the layout plan ) is a health park near the south Vihara. Built during the reign of King Rama I, it was the centre of medical science and knowledge from the Ayudhya period, reflected by statues of hermits or Rishi practising exercises. For Thai’s, a hermit is always treated as an important tecaher. In former times, the statues were made of clay; but King Rama III changed them to stone, and only 24 statues are left now from a total of 80.

The contorted hermit was applied from Indian yogi. The artistic exercise postures are supposed to cure certain ailments of the person who practises it. The inscriptions of prosody framed on the  cloisters columns are now  kept in Sala Rai or Pavilions. Those inscriptions can illustrate the hermit postures and are now famous as ancient Thai traditional medical science centre, which was the main purpose of the ancient kings to establish this monastery.

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok, Page 9,  Contorted Hermit Mount  and the Phra Mondob, Scripture Hall

Phra Mondob ( the Scripture Hall )  , built in the reign of King Rama III with a crowned, gabled roof tetrahedron elaborated with multi coloured Chinese ceramic bowls, this hall keeps a small library of the Tripitaka or teachings of Buddha, which was built in the reign of King Rama I. There are Porticos at the three directions of the Mondob. The mural paintings about the beginning of Ramayana, Songkran tradition and a Mon tradition are shown on the inner walls of the porticos, and the outer side was decorated with Thai Verse Proverbs called Kloang Lokaniti . The rock giants which were famous as Wat Pho Giants in the fight with Wat Jaeng Giants ( Wat Arun ), stand on both sides of the sheltered gates. Item 15 on the layout plan