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Wat Asokaram, Samut Prakan, Thailand.

Samut Prakan page 32 The Old Bang Phli Floating Market
Samut Prakan Page 34, Wat Asokaram, Monastery of no sorrow, Samut Prakan,

Monastery of no sorrow, Soi Sukhaphiban 58, Tambon Thai Ban, Sukhumvit Road, Samut Prakan 10280. Located 32 km south of Bangkok off Highway  3. Many city buses in Bangkok ( including air conditioned 7 and 8, and non-air conditioned 25, 142, 145 ) go to Samut Prakan; from here you can take either of two local buses or a taxi six km farther to the temple.


Some buses between Bangkok's Eastern ( Ekkamai ) Bus Terminal and Chonburi go via Samut Prakan; ask to be let off at Wat Asokaram

( between KM 31 and 32 posts on Highway 3 ), then walk or take a samlor about one km south. You can see the spires and multi tiered roof of the viharn from the highway.  Telephone : 0-2395-0003   

As one of the province’s major temples, it has many spots of interest such as Phra Thutangkhachedi ( Dhutangachedi ) which is a complex of 13 Chedi’s, and Wihan Wisuthithammarangsi, a three storey building with four porches and a superstructure in the form of a Mondop.  


Anapanasati is the main technique taught, though meditators are free to choose their own techniques

Discourses are given each evening. ( Meditation practice receives much emphasis in the Dhamma talks.) Teachers are available for questions.

Teachers Ajahn Tong ( Phra Khru Suvandhamma chote ), abbot  senior monks assistant  Phra Ajahn Bunku Anuvathano speaks good English . A few monks  can speak English; the abbot does not.


A temple built in ancient India by Emperor Asoka inspired the name of Wat Asokaram. Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo ( 1906-1961), a disciple of Ajahn Mun, founded the temple in 1955. At the request of lay followers, the un cremated remains of Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo have been kept in a coffin in the glassed in shrine area upstairs in the Viharn. A ceremony dedicated to the former abbot attracts many people to the Wat on 24-26 April; teachers present discourses on mind training in the Ajahn Mun tradition.


Samut Prakan Page 33, Wat Asokaram, a marvelous Wat in Paknam ( Samut Prakan )
Samut Prakan Page 33, Wat Asokaram, a marvelous Wat in Paknam ( Samut Prakan )
Samut Prakan Page 33, Wat Asokaram, a marvelous Wat in Paknam ( Samut Prakan )

Both of these  buildings are here at this location