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DRIVING IN THAILAND Information supplied by Royal Thai Consulate in Hull, England

Driving Licence Requirements

An International Driving Licence is required for most foreign persons wishing to drive in Thailand and must be accompanied by the Driving Licence issued to them in their country of nationality or residence. A foreigner is allowed

to drive in Thailand for up to 6 months on an International Driving Licence after which they must obtain a Thai Driving Licence.A Thai Driving Licence can be obtained at the Thailand Transportation Department in Bangkok only if you possess a valid International Driving Licence which has been issued in the country of your nationality.

To apply for a Thai Driving Licence it is necessary to provide the following:-

a) Passport with valid Non-immigrant Visa. Please note it is not possible to obtain a Thai Driving Licence with a Tourist


b) Residence address in Thailand certified by the British Embassy in Bangkok or by the Thai Immigration Office in the

   area you are staying

c)  Medical Certificate stating good health, obtainable from a GP in Thailand

d)  Two recent passport size photographs

e) Driving Licence of country of nationality / residence

f) Fee: Baht 105 for cars and Baht 55 for motorcycles (subject to change without notice)

Applying for a Thai Driving Licence must be made in person. Foreigners unable to speak Thai are advised to arrange for a Thai friend to accompany them to provide interpretation. Fill in the application form (issued in Thai language only) and attach the required documentary evidence as indicated above. Join a class for instruction on the laws related to driving and how to drive safely in Thailand - the class is for two hours. Take a test for colour blindness. Take a written test (in Thai language only) on the rules of driving (see Note 1 below). Take the driving test (see Note 1 below). Pay the licence fee and wait for the licence. You must be at least 18 years old to drive a car in Thailand. There are separate driving licences for cars and motorcycles. The Thai Driving Licence is valid for one year.

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