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Chan Sen Ancient City and Chan Sen Museum is in Mu 2 in Tambon Chan Sen. It is believed that in the Thawarawadi period, a moat surrounded the city with an earth mound.  The city had a square shape but with rounded corners almost like a circle.  The moat was about 20 meters wide.  The area is now a waterlogged valley but traces of the moat can still be seen.  The city is about 800 meters long and 700 meters wide with an area of about 480,000 square meters.  As the part within the moat is higher than that outside, locals call it Khok Chan Sen.

Several artefacts have been discovered in the ancient city; earthenware items like amulets, dolls, lamps; stone items like pedestals, Buddhism wheels, and axes; metal objects like earrings made of lead or tin, spearheads, and iron; and bronze objects like Buddha images in the Man Wichai posture.  All the objects are now kept at Chan Sen Museum in Chan Sen Temple.  It is open on weekends.  Those wishing to visit the site on weekdays can request

permission from the temple.  Youth volunteers from Chan Sen School can guide you around the city and

take you on a tour of the museum.  For more details, please contact Tel. 66 5633 9116.

Getting There : There are several routes, as follows:

From Bangkok, use the Asian Highway and turn left into In Buri ( Highway No. 11 ), then turn right into Road No. 3196.  From there, turn left at the Wat Chan Sen sign for about one kilometre, go across the railroad and turn left into Wat Chan Sen.  Chan Sen Museum can be seen inside the temple compound.

From Nakhon Sawan, take Highway No. 32 ( Asian Highway ) to Chai Nat for about 52 kilometres and turn left onto Highway No. 1 to Amphoe Takhli for seven more kilometres.  Then turn right into Road No. 3196 for about 28 kilometres and turn right at the Wat Chan Sen sign for about one kilometre and go across the railroad into Wat Chan Sen.

Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot   is on the peak of Khao Buat Nak between the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and

Chiraprawat Fort. Legend says that when Burmese troops sacked Ayutthaya for the second time, they built

this temple to show that they also hold the Buddhism faith.

Chao Pho Thepharak Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine is in the area of Pak Nam Pho Community on the right bank of the Chao Phraya River.  The shrine is revered by locals and is the spiritual magnet of the people in the area as well as passersby using the river.  The shrine also offers the best view of the beginning of the river.

Getting There :Take the Nakhon Sawan-Chum Saeng road ( No. 225 ).  It is about three kilometres from the city on the left.

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