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Nakhon Sawan Province Page 6,Origin of the Chao Phraya River, Khok Mai Den Ancient City

Wat Krieng Krai Klang is at Mu 5, Tambon Kriang Krai, on the bank of Nan River.  Inside is a Sukhothai-style bronze Buddha image in the Man Wichai posture and an old hall over a hundred years old.  


There is also a replica of Lord Buddha's Footprint and a mural of Lord Buddha's life.  The area in front of the temple is inhabited by many monkeys and it is where a crocodile farm can be found.


Getting There :Take the Nakhon Sawan Chum Saeng road ( Highway No. 225 ) for around ten kilometres.  Then turn left at the direction sign for about two kilometres into the temple.  It is Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot


Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot is on the peak of Khao Buat Nak between the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and Chiraprawat Fort.  Legend says that when Burmese troops sacked Ayutthaya for the second time, they built this temple to show that they also hold the Buddhism faith.  The most interesting objects here is the replica of Lord Buddha's Footprint and a convocation hall that locals call Bot Thewada Sang.  There is a fair to pay homage and attach gold leaves to the footprint in November.  Boat races are held in conjunction with the fair.


Getting There :Take Highway No. 32 ( Asian Highway ) to before the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and turn left into the temple.  It is about one kilometre from the city about 12 kilometres from the city.  Alternatively, you can charter a boat from Chao Phraya Pier along the Nan River and disembark at Wat Kriang Krai Klang Pier.


Bo Ya Cave is Hin Kon Village in Tambon Nong Krot, around 30 kilometres from the city on the San Nakhon Sawan-Lat Yao road.  Another 6 kilometre road leads to Wat Tham Bo Ya ( Wat Thep Nimit Song Tham ).  A stairway at the foot of the hill leads up to the cave.  The cave itself has three sections.  


The first has a large main Buddha image, the second further in is a dead end with a pond called Bo Nam Thip that is believed by locals to be sacred and the third section is an exit out the other way.  Apart from the sacred pond, the cave has beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.


Getting There :Use Highway No. 32 ( Asian Highway ) from Nakhon Sawan to Kamphaeng Phet for about 15 kilometres, then turn left at the intersection into Road No. 1072 (Nong Ben-Lat Yao) for about one kilometre.  From there, take a left turn at the sign into Wat Si Uthumphon for about six kilometres and turn right at the sign into Wat Thep Nimit Song Tham ( Wat Tham Bo Ya ).  The road is a laterite road.  It is all together about 22 kilometres from the city.




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