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Bung Boraphet is the largest freshwater swamp in Thailand.  It has an area of around 212 square kilometres.  It covers parts of Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Tha Tako and Amphoe Chum Saeng.  In the past Bung Boraphet was called the northern sea or Chom Bung as there was an abundance of aquatic animals and plants.  According to surveys, there are still some 148 species of animals and 44 species of plants here.  Rare animals include white-eyed river-martin and tiger perch.

During November to March many waterfowls migrate here.  Some parts of the swamp have been declared the Bung Boraphet Non-Hunting Area under the care of the Wildlife Conservation Division.  Bung Boraphet is also a fish breeding ground where the Department of Fisheries has set up the Bung Boraphet Fishery Development Station.


Getting There: Bung Boraphet can be reached by many ways.

By Boat

From the Nakhon Sawan Municipal Pier Market, go north along Nan River for about six kilometres to the mouth of Bung Boraphet that is called Khlong Nong Duk.


By Car

Bung Boraphet Fishery Development Station Take the Nakhon Sawan Chum Saeng route ( Highway No. 225 ) for about nine kilometres, then turn right for two kilometres to Bung Boraphet Fishery Development Station.  Inside is a crocodile breeding pond and a freshwater aquarium.  There are boats that you can charter on tours in the area at 400 Baht per hour.  The capacity is 15 persons per boat


Bung Boraphet Non Hunting Area or Waterfowls Park Take the Nakhon Sawan Tha Tako route ( Highway No. 3001 ) for about 20 kilometres and turn left for four kilometres to the park.  The park has an exhibition as a nature study centre, a garden and accommodation.  For more details, please contact the Bung Boraphet Non-Hunting Area or the Bung Boraphet Wildlife Conservation Promotion and Development Station, Tel. (056) 227874   (056) 227874  In addition, there are long tail boats to take visitors around Bung Boraphet at 200 per boat.


Khao Tham Phra is at Mu 8 in Tambon Noen Sala.  Inside are stalactites, stalagmites and Buddha images.  During Songkran Festival locals will take flowers, candles and incense sticks up the 100 steps from the foot of the hill to pay homage to the images.  A great view of Amphoe Krok Phra can be seen from the peak.


Getting There: Take the Nakhon Sawan Krok Phra road for about 16 kilometres, then turn right onto the Krok Phra-Thapthan road for about ten kilometers and a left into the cave for about four kilometres.  The road is a laterite road.  The total distance from the city is about 30 kilometres.



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