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Kaeng Lan Nok Yung is a brook with a wide rock plateau.  Mae Wong River, which originates in Mae Wong Forest flows through it.  It is about 800 meters from Mae Rewa Forest Protection Unit.  The area is suitable for training programs and group camping.  The distance from the unit to the brook is about 1.5 kilometres and it is accessible by car.

Moreover, there is accommodation in the park.  For information, please contact Mae Wong National Park, Khlong Lan-Um Phang Road, Km. 65, Amphoe Khlong Lan, Kamphaeng Phet, Tel. 0-5671-9010-1  0-5671-9010-1 or the National Parks Division, National Resources Conservation Office, Royal Forest Department, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10900, Tel. 0-2579-0529 0-2579-0529    0-2579-4843    0-2579-4843     

Getting There : There are two main routes:

Bangkok-Nakhon Sawan Lat Yao Khlong Lan route into the park on Highway No. 1117 ( Khlong Lan Um Phang ) at Km. 65.

Bangkok Nakhon Sawan-Khong Wilai-Khlong Lan route into the park on Highway No. 1117 ( Khlong Lan Um Phang ).  The total distance from Bangkok to the park is about 386 kilometres.

Festivals held in and around Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand

Chao Pho-Chao Mae Pak Nam Pho Procession Festival is a festival of the Thai Chinese who live in Nakhon Sawan. This festival has been held since ancient times. It takes place during Chinese New Year ( around the beginning of February every year ) to bring good fortune. It features various processions such as lion parade, dragon parade, angel procession, the goddess Guan Yin procession and others going along the main roads in the municipality. The festival is famous among Thais and foreigners.

Boat Races for His Majesty’s Trophy  are held annually at the end of the Buddhist Lent on the Chao Phraya River in front of the Provincial Hall. There are also races at temples along the river such as Wat Ko Hong and Wat Takhian Luan. The races show the unity of the people, as well as the skill of paddlers and boat owners participating.

Nakhon Sawan is a city ( Thesaban Nakhon ) in Thailand, the name literally means Heavenly City. The city is the capital of Nakhon Sawan Province, and covers the complete sub district ( Tambon ) Pak Nam Pho and parts of Khwae Yai, Nakhon Sawan Tok, Nakhon Sawan Ok and Wat Sai, all of Mueang Nakhon Sawan district. As of 2006 it has a population of 93,141.

Nakhon Sawan is about 250 kilometres ( 160 miles ) north of Bangkok, and marks the point of confluence of two of Thailand’  major rivers, the Ping and the Nan. These converge in Nakhon Sawan to form the Chao Phraya which flows south to Bangkok and out into the Gulf of Thailand. It is located in a valley, thus resulting in some of the highest overnight lows in the country, often reaching 33 °C ( 91 °F ) in the summer, and up to 43 °C ( 109 °F ) in the day. Bueng Boraphet located east of Nakhon Sawan is Thailand's biggest freshwater swamp.

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