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Royal Thai Consulate

Priory Court    Saxon Way    Priory Park West    Hessle    HULL  HU13 9PB

Tel: 01482 581668 Fax 01482 628877   Email: enquiries@thaiconsul-uk.com Website: www.thaiconsul.co.uk

The Royal Thai Consulate in Hull. We have heard very good reports from many people that have used the help and facilities of this Consulate. We have provided a link direct to their Web Site for any UK citizen needing help on anything to do with Thailand.The following information on the following pages are taken from their web site and therefore all Copyright belongs to the Royal Thai Consulate. It is included on this web site as a reminder to use their web site also.

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Information about the Consulate….

The Royal Thai Consulate in Hull was opened in 1922 and was the first consulate for Thailand (then Siam) to be established in the United Kingdom.

The first Consul was Sir James Bell, a ship-owner who traded with Siam.

The present Consul, Mr. Alan Taylor, was appointed in 1980.

The main roles of the Hull consulate are:-

a) to issue visas to persons wishing to visit Thailand;

b) to endeavour to provide accurate information to all enquirers;

c) to encourage business relations between Thailand and the UK;

d) to provide support and assistance to Thai nationals in the UK

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