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Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 7, Carrefour Stores in Bangkok
Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 7, Carrefour Stores in Bangkok

Carrefour Thailand was first opened in 1996 on Sukhapiban 3 Rd. with a Capital investment of ten Billion Baht's. Today Carrefour has 30 stores nationwide and more than 7,000 employees in Thailand; 23 Carrefour stores are located in Bangkok area and seven in up country.

Hypermarkets choice and quality for everyone

Faithful to the concept of everything under one roof, Carrefour hypermarkets offer an average surface area of 8,400 sq.m filled with a range of between 20,000 and 80,000 food and non-food items, all at extremely attractive prices. Located in the centre of broad catchment areas, they will often be important drivers of traffic in the area around them. Carrefour hypermarkets combine choice, quality, innovation and modernity with the best prices around and a pleasurable buying experience.

Carrefour’s emphasis on price, one key element of the brand’s strategy, is complemented by its constant pursuit of improvement in ranges and services. This includes adapting what is on offer to local needs, extending product ranges and developing services for customers with whom Carrefour seeks to form ever-closer ties, with the aim of improving the service it offers them

Hi light On Carrefour Thailand partners

Carrefour is working with more than 2,000 local suppliers and our partnership is based on a win-win relationship.

Special relationships with suppliers are cultivated as part of sustainable, mutually beneficial programs.

Maintaining a balance among these different suppliers guarantees Carrefour’s economic independence and supports its integration.

Using local suppliers also helps to integrate Carrefour into the local economic and social fabric. All suppliers are expected to comply with the Group’s social responsibility guidelines.

Web Site: http://www.carrefour.co.th

Above Carrefour store at Ratchada, Bangkok, and below Carrefour store at Samrong, Samut Prakan, this has since been changed to Big C

Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 7a,  Carrefour Stores in Bangkok