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Local History and Cultural museum  This local museum is at the Uthai Thani Provincial Non-formal Education Centre on Si Uthai Road near the city hall. On display are prehistoric human skeletons, clothes, regalia of city lords, and a room of Thai house and wood models. Advance reservation is necessary.

Mueang Boran Bueng Khok Chang Ancient ruins, pottery, stones for pulverizing herbs, metal tools, and

Yellow beads, as well as  three ancient Khmer  inscription stones were found here. At present, this

historical site is a  forest garden, covered with large trees, but  the city ditch has become shallow.

Mueang Boran Ban Ka Rung The characteristics of the city is an oval shape with a 800-metre diameter.The city has a single ditch with a width of 20 metres and a depth of three metres. The part of the ditch which is next to the roadside is deepened.

Thung Yai Naresuan Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary  consists of almost every kind of forest found

in Thailand, including mountain virgin forest, dry virgin forest and pine forest. It has a total area of about

2,780 square kilometres. The reserve covers the sub-districts ( Tambon ) of Rabam and Pa O in Amphoe

Lan Sak; Khok Khwai and Kaen Makrut in Amphoe Ban Rai; Thong Lang in Amphoe Huai Khot; and

Mae Lamung of Amphoe Um Phang in Tak.

Bueng Thap Tae It is the source of various fish, so local people live by using water from this swamp and

fishing. In winter, grebes from other regions will migrate to this swamp. In addition, on the side of the

swamp near Ban Tha Thong, a habitation site of pre-historical humans was found with metal tools, pottery,

beads and glass bangles.

Huai Rabam Forest Garden This reforestation is under responsibility of the Thai Plywood Company Limited. There are also teak, eucalyptus, and casuarinas junghuniana Miq. forests. Visit the plot of newly planted forest.

Kok Thepho was formerly a cape between the Chao Phraya River and Sakae Krang River, which met

together at the south of the cape. Later, a canal was excavated to link both rivers in the northern part

in order that the water from the Chao Phraya River will add to the Sakae Krang River in case of lack

of rain. This cape therefore became Koh Thepho.