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Uthai Thani Province Page 6, Uthai Thani Province, Interesting places to see
Uthai Thani Province Page 8, Interesting places to see around the Province

Rafts on Sakae Krang River reflect the lifestyle of Uthai Thani people that has always been linked with water. Water is used here to grow pandanus and for raising fish in floating baskets, particularly gourami, that has become

a main occupation of the province and which has made it famous. Tourists can take a boat to view the life

of people living on rafts on Sakae Krang River by boarding at Lan Sakae Pier near Municipal 2 Fresh

Market in Amphoe Muang or boarding at Lan Suphannika in front of the provincial hall on Si Uthai Road.

The route passes Wat Tha Sung and ends at Tambon Tha Sung where Sakae Krang River and Chao

Phraya River meets. There are tour boats serving visitors.


Tham Khao Wong Forest Park The topography includes limestone mountains which are high, undulated and steep, with more than 35% of slope. It is a water source, flowing through Amphoe Ban Rai, Uthai Thani.


This small cave was found in an isolated limestone hill to the north-west of Uthai Thani town. This hill is 1.5 km long and reaches an altitude of 356 m. It is part of a north-south line of limestone hills which are of Triassic age. There is another north-south line of Triassic limestone hills to the east of Khao Kwang Tong.


Heading north-west from Uthai Thani town we were attempting to follow the blue tourist signs to caves and while driving west on H3456 a small, hand-painted sign was seen indicating the track to this cave. The cave is also marked on a Uthai Thai province tourist information map. The track led round the eastern side of the hill to a small monastery at bottom of the limestone hill. Many monkeys were in residence. Some rough steps led for 20 m up the side of the hill to the wide entrance.The entrance has the usual Buddha.


Round the back a rift passage leads to a junction. To the right a small crawling passage leads to two small entrances while to the left a passage climbs to reach a large rift – 8 m wide and 15 m high. This had another entrance to the right while to the left ascends to a choke.


Khao Sakae Krang is a mountain where you can use stairs from the temple court of Wat Sangkat Rattanakhiri to climb up to the top.


Khao Pathawi It is quite high and steep, formed by rocks of different heights situated one behind another to the top. Surrounding the mountain, there are about 30 small and large caves, such as Tham Prathun.



Uthai Thani Province, Interesting places to see