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Namtok Pha Rom Yen Pha Rom Yen Waterfall is in Ban Mai Rom Yen. The highlight of the waterfall is its uniqueness of being a limestone waterfall that falls from a cliff. It can be clearly seen from the road nearby. This beautiful  waterfall flows from a small stream four levels up. It is about 100 metres high. The highest level is a stream  that falls down to a pool on the second level. The highest level is the level that can be viewed from the entrance. The beauty of this waterfall lies in the fact that it falls down a high cliff, splashing into mist down below. The nearby area is bright green with moss and ferns. The surrounding nature provides cool shade for visitors. Getting There: From Amphoe Ban Rai, take Highway No. 3011 ( Ban Rai Phu Bon )  to the entrance of Ban Mai Rom Yen, then turn right for around two kilometres. Then go on foot for 400 metres from the entrance to the waterfall.

Namtok Cyber This waterfall is in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve and tourists are permitted to visit it. The waterfall is situated amidst nature surrounded by the Huai Kha Khaeng forest. The  water comes from the western

mountain of the reserve, resulting in a medium  sized waterfall that drops  down several levels before  splashing on the boulders below. Beneath the waterfall is the Cyber Forest Protection Unit. From here, tourists must walk 105 kilometres to the waterfall. Getting There: From Uthai Thani, take the Uthai Thani  Nong Chang  Ban Rai road for about  79 kilometres. From  Amphoe  Ban Rai, take Highway No. 3282 to Cyber village in Tambon Khok Khwai for another 30 kilometres. A sign points to the waterfall, then turn right there for seven kilometres. Note: The route into the waterfall is seven kilometres long and is a rough laterite road. It is unsuitable for low cars and sedans.

Khao Pla Ra  Prehistoric colour drawings at  Khao  Pla Ra is another  interesting tourist attraction of Uthai Thani. Khao Pla Ra is a mountain range with  verdant jungles, no  communities and natural water sources. It is also the home of numerous wild animals. It has truly lovely nature in the area around the cave and cliff in the southwestern part of the mountain at around 320 metres above sea level. Colour cave drawings stretch for around nine metres. These prehistoric drawings are of humans and animals in red and black.

Old City of Uthai Thani is located at Ban Uthai Thani Kao. It was the location of Mueang Uthai Thani  since the Ayutthaya Period. Now the ruins still exist, such as Wat Hua Mak, Wat Yang, and Wat Kuti, while the surrounding areas have become rice fields.  

Uthai Thani Province, Interesting places to see around the Province