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Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring   This is a small spring that sprouts up to the surface. The hot water from underground converges to form a little stream that flows down to Than Khok Khwai or Huai Khun Kaeo. The water is clear and pungent with the aroma of sulphur. The water is so hot that it can boil an egg in five minutes. The Royal Irrigation Department has constructed Huai Khun Kaeo Reservoir, flooding the stream and the spring itself. However, and earth levee has been developed around the spring and some landscaping has been done to create a good rest area for visitors. The spring has an area of 4,000 square metres and consists of three springs. A mineral bath is available for tourists and nearby is a 20-metre high Buddha image sitting high amidst the wonderful scenery of the area. Getting There: From Amphoe Ban Rai, take Highway No.3282 ( Amphoe Ban Rai - Amphoe Huai Khot ) to Km. 41, then turn right to Ban Wang Yang Samo Thong for another 24 kilometres. The total distance from the city is 64 kilometres.

Tham Hup Pa Tat   is a large valley with an area of about 48,000 square metres. The mountain range surrounding the valley is a limestone range. Part of it is Khao Huai Sok that connects with Khao Pla Ra, about one kilometre away. The way up to the cave is a margosa forest. On reaching the cave mouth you will see a dark cave.

Ban I Mat - I Sai Hill Tribe Cultural Centre and Karen Village This hill Tribe centre has a house with a raised lower floor, a thatched roof and bamboo walls. This is a replica of a Karen house for tourists to see and there is also a room displaying tools and utensils of Karens. There is accommodation available and a cultural performance if advance notice is given. Moreover, there are hill tribe volunteers taking visitors to see nearby areas. For more information, please contact Tel: 0 5652 0723   0 5652 0723, 0 5651 2026  0 5651 2026      The Karen village near here is Chao Wat Yang Daeng Village that strictly adheres to old traditions. It leads a simple lifestyle and has a peaceful atmosphere. The interesting event of this village is the New Year Festival that is held on the full moon night of April. Getting There: From Amphoe Ban Rai, take Highway No. 3011 ( Ban Rai Phu Bon ) for about 17 kilometres.

Ban Khok Mo Weaving Village is a small village of Thai-Lao residents whose ancestors migrated here

in the Rattanakosin period. Villagers take up weaving when the harvest ends. The fabrics produced in

the village are unique. They are made from Sin Tin Chok Silk, Mat Mi silk and traditional-style fabrics

with floral patterns. Getting There: From Amphoe Thap Than, take Highway No. 3013 to Amphoe

Sawang  Arom for about 11 kilometres. A 4 kilometre road leads to Ban Khok Mo. The weaving

group is next to Wat Khok Mo.

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