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Khuean Thap Salao Is a large irrigation dam, obstructing Thap Salao Stream to create a reservoir with an attractive view, with an undulated mountain range as a background.

Tham Khao Khong Chai In front of Khao Khong Chai, there is a shallow, spacious cave in a form of a large tunnel. It is believed that this cave used to be a habitat of pre-historical humans because they found stone tools and shards of pottery.

Local Weaving Exhibition and Demonstration Centre ( Phaichit  ) It is a group of people weaving cotton cloth with dyes from nature. They also teach others who are interested in weaving. The patterns of the cloths are ancient ones such as Lai Kho Luang, and Lai Kho Kham Duean.

Botanical Garden In the garden, there are useful local plants and various species of plants; such as Sadao Pa whose fruits and leaves can be made into an organic repellent, Ton Sabu whose fruits can be used in bathing, washing hair and clothes, Rang Chuet which has a medical property to sober up.

Festivals held here

Tak Bat Thewo Tradition This religious event of Uthai Thani is organised in the evening of

Ok  Phansa ( end of Buddhist Lent ) on the first day of the waning moon of the eleventh

lunar month at Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri. It is also in line with the Buddhist chronicles

when the Lord Buddha returned to earth from heaven and gave Dharma. On the day of Tak

Bat Thewo, 500 monks will walk down from the top of Khao Sakae Krang to receive offerings

from residents and visitors to the ceremony, which creates an amazing spectacle and has

made this tradition become well known nationwide.

Local Products to look out for.

Crispy Khao Kung Krop  is made from rice and shrimps mixed together and then deep-fried. Leading items in the local restaurants are mainly made with fresh-water fish caught from the river. Pomelo is also widely grown on Koh Thepho.

Local woven materials

Products made from bamboo and water hyacinth   

Uthai Thai Province, Thailand

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